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Heres a fun scenario:
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Old 16 Jan 2006, 22:01   #1 (permalink)
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Default Heres a fun scenario:

40k in 40 minutes little mini-scenario I thought it would be fun to try. I dug out all the genestealers from my space hulk box that I never open. I was just watching 'Aliens', which obviously is the movie that gave us Tyranids.

40k in 40 mins scenarios free us from the constraints of HQ squads, and require 1 solitary troop requirement, so here it is:

the "The Corporation's Colonial Marines"-
500 pts (approx, actually a bit less unless you tack on the sentinel - which is a bit out of sequence with the movie but hey, whatever.

1 infantry platoon:

command squad (frag grenades,sharpshooters, carapace armor)

Lt. Goreman: Junior Officer with laspistol and shotgun
Ripley: lasgun, voxcaster
Bishop: veteran,medic, laspistol, bionics, ccw (sick android strength)
Hudson (the freakout 'game over' guy): veteran, surveyor, lasgun
1 flamer trooper

chimera: (the command ATV)
hvy bolter
track guards

infantry squad: (frag grenades, sharpshooters, carapace armor)
Sgt. Apone: vet sgt, shotgun and laspistol
Drake: heavy bolter
1 voxcaster
6 lasguns
1 flamer

infantry squadfrag grenades, sharpshooters, carapace armor)
Cpl. Hicks: vet sgt, shotgun and laspistol
Vasquez:heavy bolter
1 voxcaster
6 lasguns
1 flamer
sentinel with 'hardened fighters', heavy flamer (ripley in loader droid outfit)

the badguys:
also about 500 points

4 squads of genestealers (6)
1 squad of genestealers (7)

the board: empty soda cans (fuel tanks), plastic straws (piping), shoeboxes, and so on, all sprayed black or grey, and set up making 'corridors' just wide enough for a couple of models, and 1 big 'lane' a little wider than a chimera, o as to provide very few 'open' areas but lots of fire lanes.
the rules:
aliens deploy anywhere on map except the loading zone, 'marines' start at one end zone and have to make it to the other. 'marines' must set up first.
There is no limit to number of turns.

havent played it yet, but I plan on getting some plastic straws and spraypaint and setting it up this weekend. Plastic genestealers are pretty easy to find, and I assume most of us have a platoon of cadians...
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

Sounds 'fun' in a sick sense.

Do the GS have any upgrades? (IE The +4..extended carp thingy. )
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Old 17 Jan 2006, 00:42   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

Sounds like a fun one... I might have to try this... ;D

Nicely done.
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

I am suddenly sad. I used to know the names of most all the marines in Aliens (when I was young, and geeking like mad, and, you know, extremely single). Now I can only think of three or four. Tangential, but still sad. :'(

It might not be a terribly bad idea to turn this into something Kill Team-ish, involving Last Chancer mechanics (and repeated viewings of the Director's Cut). Not right away, as this scenario certainly looks like fun all by itself. But if you wanted to really go whole-hog, it's certainly a potential direction.
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Old 17 Jan 2006, 04:44   #5 (permalink)
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

To replicate the movie more you could fudge the rules a bit and give the guards fewer numbers, but bolters or something a bit more powerful than crap lasguns. You could also do some sort of kill-team brute kind of genestealer to represent the mother alien. Something with extended carapace, talons, etc., that would befit the beast.

Sounds very fun!
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Old 17 Jan 2006, 14:43   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

Why not use Grenadiers?

Seems like Stormtroopers would be a good way to reprsent colonial marines.

i.e. well trained, well armoured, bigger guns.

But I love the idea for this scenario, sounds like a blast!

Though the sentinel does a fell a bit out of place.
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My god.... the sarcasm there nearly shorted out my computer screen Nice.
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Old 17 Jan 2006, 20:52   #7 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

Sounds like fun. I could try it with my brother. After I change some things. hehe
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Old 31 Jan 2006, 21:59   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

well i finally played this out with my bud. i took the comsquad, 2 inf squads, he took the nids. the end result was pretty much like the movie. our table was absolutely packed with terrain. i tried to race the chim up the only street and burn 1 squad of stealers but only got 1 of them. they ripped it apart the next turn. my 3 inf squads navigated down long, long, thin trails between the spraypainted cans while the stealers circled round and round and tried to get close enough without getting shot.

we agreed that certain terrain pieces with gaps between the cans could be 'rough terrain' and one squad (sgt.apone) got caught rolling a 1 for movement and got slaughtered in 1 turn by the biggest stealer group. second squad ("cpl. hicks") actually blasted the crap out of that big 10 model stealer squad in response, but by staying still to fire the heavy bolter, the other stealer group went round the other side of the soda-can buildings into charge range. the rest goes more or less like the movie.

my command squad had been flanking the whole time, skirting the board edge, and he had committed 3/4 stealer squads to intercept my main force (chim, 2 inf) going up the center... so i thought i could make it. but that damn rough terrain roll. 6 stealers from his squad he had kept back behind terrain ran straight at me and rolled a 6 to get thru the entire 6-pack of cans, ending up in rapid-fire range for a turn. i fired. missed a lot. hit a few. didnt wound anything. next turn he was on my command squad and they became bug turds, and the other nid squad locked up cpl.hicks and his heroic posse who got bogged down killing off the other nids who attacked apone's squad. and it was decided over without even rolling.

kinda like the movie.

i really suggest trying this game to anyone with a handful of cadians and a handful of plastic stealers. oh yeah. soda cans too. it was tense. it was doomed. it was just like the movie. so much terrain. 1 lane to move the chim down. no turn limit. advantage will be for the nids obviously, but we had a few moments where i thought i might make it. :-\
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Default Re: Heres a fun scenario:

What happened to frosty! He was my favourite!
Donit eva teld me 2 splited check.
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