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Field Command [IG board announcement thread].
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Default Re: Field Command [IG board announcement thread].

Hello everyone,

Recently, there has been a forum-wide significant drop in posting quality. With the upcoming release of the new codex, we are likely to have an influence of members, new and old, to the IG board.

Currently, I'm the only frequently active moderator of the IG board, and I am finding it difficult to either edit a member's posts or constantly delete off topic/one liner posts.

Let's make it easy on all of us.
When creating a thread, keep these points in mind:
-The purpose should be concise and to the point. Being too general makes it difficult for other members to give relevant or realistic advice. Avoid open ended questions. If you don't even have an idea what you want - you shouldn't be creating a thread about it.
-Check to see if the same thing has been mentioned before in a previous thread. I would much rather see people add some information to an older thread then create a new one to ask the same question.
-Abide by the forums rules for post quality. Please practice proper punctuation, capitalization and avoid short forms or "txt speak".
-If you have multiple ideas, please place them all in one thread instead of creating several new ones. And please remember all members have the ability to edit their own posts, so you can always add new details in later on if necessary.

When replying to another poster:
-Please stay pleasent and detached. Emotional posts often degenerate to flaming or flame baiting and is bothersome for everyone.
-Keep your replies on topic. As much as it may be interesting, no one particularly cares about anything irrelevant to the topic.
-Avoid multi-posting and necromancy.
-Spamming, and simple one line responses should be avoided.

A general note on posting about the new codex:
-Please avoid posting stats, stat lines or post costs. This sort of information is copyright Games Workshop and can get the forum in legal trouble for breaching Games Workshop's Intellectual Property policy.
-Any rumours, or question about rumours, should be posted in the relevent thread in the rumours board.
-Multiple threads may already be made to cover the same topic you intend to post about. Please use the search function before creating another thread.

To help enforce these rules, you may see me doing several things. I may delete your posts outright, modify your post, lock threads, or even make necessary changes and leave a little footnote, like this.
Breaches in forums rules over posting quality will result in an official warning, which will bump up your warning percentage, and send you a notification. Repeated offences may result in smites, or a temporary silencing of your account if your warning percentage gets too high.

Anyways, I think I've covered everything. I consider myself a pretty forgiving guy, but if you have an grievances or feel over-moderated, please don't hesitate to send me a message. As a moderator, I'm not restricted to being the janitor only. Please feel free to contact me for anything - forum related or not. Please note members have access to the "flag for moderators" button - which I really appreciate when people use. Makes my life a lot simpler.
Any questions, comments or concerns, or if I've missed anything, please post here.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.
-Will Durant
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Field Command [IG board announcement thread].

Sir, orders sir? no transmitions for over a year now Sergent, do we just KBO? ( keep buggering on )
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