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Points poll
View Poll Results: what size army (tournament-legit only) do you usually use in a "pick-up" game against a st
1000 3 16.67%
1250 2 11.11%
1500 9 50.00%
2000 4 22.22%
2500+ 0 0%
Voters: 18. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Points poll

I want to know this because as I get more interested in this game, I expect to meet many other players. It's easy to always duke out the same cataclysmic battle between the forces of you and your housmate... where all the army picks are based on what you know your opponent will pick, But I wonder what you consider 'average' for an army that is more-or-less designed to take all comers in a tourney or game-night situation. How much should I plan on having to make for an 'average' game?
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Default Re: Points poll

1850 is tournament standard in the US.

1000 is good for faster games.
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Default Re: Points poll

i like 1500 points. its a fun game and not super long.
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2000 points
1500 points
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Default Re: Points poll

1500 is Tournament standard in UK and across the rest of Europe IIRC.

1000 is also a very common game value in the UK.
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Default Re: Points poll

Well, having played in shops all over the United States, I've found that 1500 is standard for pick up games, with 2000 being second most common. 1000 usually means one player only has 800 points (new army!), and is going to lose because he's making up the rest in upgrades that won't help.
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