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try again army list...
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Default try again army list...

This one is based on the notion that by making a lower points army with just about the same number of figs, will restrict my opponents ability to purchase as many of the mass-killing-machines (i.e. non-lasgun) for their force, and I can just overwhelm with more dice rolls. I have just made this army list, and picked out my figs for it... I have to chop the sponsons off of one of my 2 Lemans but I plan on carving little slots in the tank hull so I can attach or detach them in future - interchangeable parts are so useful to a guard commander on a budget. I used the downloadable army builder program so I have the points all exact. One thing to note is that heavy weapons are spread out everywhere, since they are less points for an infantry than a heavy weapons squad. Cutting away all the corners I can. Also, I am using Veteran Sergeants to get that 8 Ld rather than the vox-caster approach. I have NO vox casters and have made sure that all the squads have an 8 Ld anyways (except my meatshield squad who I dont care about)

so here it is... weighing in at 1250 points:

command squad: JO with bolt pistol, lascannon team 66pts
fire sup: 3 hvy bolters, six dudes 80
mortars: 3 mortars, six dudes 80

-inf platoon
-command: JO w bolt pistol, lascannon team 66 pts
-1st squad: vet sgt, mis lnchr team, gren lnchr 89 pts
-2nd squad: all lasguns. meatshields 60 pts

-armoured fist
-1 squad w vet sgt, mis lnchr team, gren lnchr 89 pts
-1 "chimerahound" with hull heavy flam, turret hvy flam, extra armor, pintle hvy stubber, smoke launchers, track guards 115 pts
(this is not intended to do a lot of transporting past the first turn, and will be used as a fighting vehicle independant of the squad attached to it - who will ideally be dropped into some nice cover with a good fire arc and left to hold their own for the rest of the game... but it could be useful for a take-n-hold scenario to jump them back in and drop them off near an objective near the end of the game - but I plan on using it mostly as a battling unit)

5 veterans
sergeant has a powerfist, ccw, and an honorifica
others have a laspist/ccw combos
1 missile launcher
all have frag grenades
(sit in terrain in front of deploy zone with nice cover save, shoot ML, but eventually charge anyone who gets close to the line... 5 hits with a hidden powerfist is no joke)
--105 pts
5 Stroopers
sarge has hellpistol and ccw, 2 have hellguns, 2 have plasguns
all can deep strike
(drop in and hit nastiest enemy with DS and hope they survive the counter attack) --75 pts

3 ogryns -75 pts
-just blockers really... probably to get immediately in front of the veterans and take fire for them

FAST: 1 sentinel w hvy flamer -40 pts
to stomp around drawing fire or maybe make a suicide run against some pestering enemy squad in good cover

1 Leman: hvy bolter hull. Hvy bolter sponsons. 155
1 Leman: Lascannon Hull. no spons 155

so there it is... 1250 points... with a grand total of 6 heavy bolters, 3 heavy flamers, 3 lascannons, 3 missile launchers, 3 mortars, 1 sicko close combat monster, 2 plasguns, some meat, and about 60 figs on the table.... i wonder how many marines they would have to fight... 20? 25?

yeah i am quite proud of this one, it is my first attempt to make an army that strips it down to minimum and functional, rather than tring to find ways to waste points with little bonus stuff just to fit into a certain game size. I havent tried it yet, but i will use it in my next game. Thanks to Elessar for the suggestion of dispersing my heavy weapons in my infantry squads. I think this will be much more flexible.
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Default Re: try again army list...

few more things:
i suggest exchanging the postitions of you lascannons with those of your missile launchers. with only 5 men in a command squad it will be very easy for a guy to jsut mow it down and get rid of the lascannon, so i recommend keeping the cheap heavy weapons in the command squad and giving the expensive stuff a nice 9 model buffer.

id give your ogryns a chimera. its more usefull to them than to your armoured fist.(but im guessing your taking them because you need your compulsory 2nd troop choice) also consider giving the squad a bone 'ead. the extra leadership is invaluable, and 3 str6 attacks is nothing to sneeze at.(also you might consider giving him a strombolter, especially since they dont have a transport.

id take the frag grenades off the hardened veterans and give your sargeants bolters. waaaay more useful, trust me.

i insist that you should give your meat shield squad the Ld bonus, sine they will take most of the fire you need someone to make them stand their and soak it up, but its your decision.

and lastly, your JOs are better off with bolters than bolt pistols, since they're useless in combat anyways, giving them a str 4 ap5 weapon will work wonders on their effectiveness.

all in all, way better than your first draft, could do well on the field, but still needs tweaking.

P.S. if you ever have a few extra points left and you dont know what to do with them, jsut start handing out bolters, they're only one point and most squads will be able to take one.
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Default Re: try again army list...

i woild pay the extra points to exchange the chimmie for a hell hound. also a lone sentinel with a heavy flamer wonr really accomplish many things, even drawing fire. lastly mixing vets and storm troopers never made much sence to me, so please go one way or the other.lastly , three orgryns wont do much of anything.
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