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Gaurd Tanks: Balisks
Closed Thread
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Default Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

Now I have seen that the balisk can be the most awesome thing ever.
But some say otherwise...
It is basically a blast template las Cannon and is the official "space marine crowd control unit" to some players.
I forget but do the Balisks still have a 36 inch blind spot? I remember they changed the indirect fire rules and guess range.

If you would please post your opinions and strategies in useing the balisk, I would greatly apreciate any advice.

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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

yes there is a blind spot. the blind spot is why i take griffons over the bassie. they both have terribly strong weapons, but the griffon has always worked for me. one suggestion made to resolve this problem is to stick a HW team or SW squad with plasma in front of it, but that seems a waste.your best bet would be to put it in an areathet is difficult to get to, and use the indirect fire to nail anyone you can.
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

Okay, it's time for me to load the shell and blow the Basilisk into hell where it belongs.

This tank has no place in 40K!

It is an Epic vehicle, an artillery piece designed to engage at stupidly-long ranges. In 40K, it's junk.

So what does it have going for it? Well, it has the Earthshaker. Problem is, the Demolisher Cannon is better against most foes, and a good commander won't have a problem with the reduced range. If Marine-killing is what you need, then you've got the Russ; who does it just as well. With the range of the Battle Cannon, you will rarely find an enemy that isn't in range.

Now let's consider the tank itself... frankly, it isn't a tank. It's a vehicle with treads. It's armour is laughable, it's open-topped, and anyone stupid enough to put it in sight of the enemy is asking to lose it. By contrast, I've seen the Leman absorb all the anti-tank weapons of a 1,500pt Marine army for four turns in a row without a scratch... that sort of firepower would have dropped the Basilisk in two. Maximum.

"But it's indirect!" I hear you cry... yes, it is. With a 36" blind spot. That means, if deployed in the corner of your average 4'x4' board, over half the board is unavailable for targeting. If you're lucky, you'll get two turns of shooting before the enemy have advanced forward enough to hide under your blindspot. By comparison, the Griffon has a 12" blindspot, meaning it can hit around half the board, maybe a little more.

Then let's consider damage. Once the Basilisk loses its gun, it's over. Without that big cannon, it's dead weight, and all you can do it squat it down and pray the enemy doesn't go for the 100+ Victory Points its worth.
On the other hand, the Russ will still be sporting a full and deadly armament, perfect for raking down enemy hoards, slagging vehicles, or splattering a few Marines across the scenery.

Put simply, the Basilisk should only be fielded if you're fighting across a hall. I've used the Basilisk to fire at other people's tables, and that makes for some excellent battles. However, for your average 40K battle, the Basilisk is just a way for veteran Guard players to spot the whiteshields.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

i agree with wargamer on most of those things, but not to that extreme. the basilisk is ok in battle, but ive never used it in under 2000 point battles. unless you happen to be exactly 45 points short, or are playing in a maze the leman russes is a better option. the basilisk just looks cool, you know massive a** artillery cannon stiking in the air behind some hill. but it most battles theres not enough terrain to make the indirect fire rule worth it. back on topic:

yes, guard ordanance is massively amazing, but look at everything else the guard has. its crap. worst basic infantry in the game, most unmaneuverable army in the game, as inflexible as adamantium, waste loads of points on useless crap(i.e. platoon command squads), has the worst potential for a CC army witht he exception of tau(but with kroot its a close call) if you take away guard their ordanance what else do they ahve left?
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

Ditto with Elessar and wargamer here. I put my money on the demolisher.
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

In 3rd edition, the basilisk was fantastic. I always took one, but only one. As long as I could get it hull-down, AV12 was plenty. And I could always get one ideal hull-down vehicle fighting position...but couldn't count on two, so only one bassie for me.

While there is some truth to the idea that it's more suited to epic, it certainly has a place in 40k...unless one is the sort of fool who believes that the enemy will never get into the rear areas (if indeed there is any such thing, given the ability to deepstrike), where the artillery would be forced to defend itself at less than astronomical ranges. On top of that, any commander who finds himself needing a tank but not having one will gladly press a basilisk into service. A weak tank is better than no tank.

In 4th edition, I don't use my basilisk much at all. The only thing it has going for it, now that hull down has been fatally nerfed (I tank for a living, and I'm telling you 'hull down' was more realistic than 'obscured&#39, is cost. If you absolutely can't find the points for a russ, a 100 point AV12 pie-plate is better than no pie-plate...especially in 1000 point games and smaller, where anti-armor fire is going to be light.
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

The basilisk can take indirect fire but can still fire the normal way within 36", right? At least thats always been the accepted rule as far as i know.....
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

Yes, MonKeighBusiness, that is correct.

I always take a Bassie if I am playing standard battles, because the range is too good to pass up. I KNOW I can fire every turn, and with a Russ in the opponents face, they usaully happen to forget the Bassie is there. Convientent

I like Griffons, but limited Range and smaller strength leave me toi believe its only plus is low points... I suppose two of them would do some damage, though...

I have a Demolisher, but driving up to an enemy isn't in my 'book of good things to do'. I usaully pound him with artillary and then halt him at lasgun range with 2 platoons, rather than advancing. If I do advance, its a slow, tank supported advance, where a Demolisher would be a waste of points.

Its all in style of play, however...
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

Well if you play very tank light, the basilisk becomes much more useful. Hide it in the corner behind some terrain and fire off some rounds every turn till someone comes after you. It's also something which isn't likely to be ignored(look at the gun, it's HUGE and menacing.) Hidden like I've described, with a unit or two to support it, and it's only fear is deepstrikers who have a great chance of scattering off the board if your in the corner. This makes it one of those irritance units that don't earn there points back in killing, but in providing support that's hard to take away. Then again I've only faced bassies as looted Ork tanks where only one is allowed.
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Default Re: Gaurd Tanks: Balisks

The only job I think it has is killing guys behind a gigantic wall, infiltrating, and against Stealth and Crisis Battlesuit teams using JSJ.

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