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Tank Game For Tread Heads
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Default Tank Game For Tread Heads

Hello there! This is a link to a simple fun game using tanks. It is written for WWII era tanks, but I can just so easily see it being used with Leman Russes and the like. It is a very fun game where you play in teams, the players making up the crew a a tank. I think you should all try it out with your friends as a one off afternoon of something different. Get those treads rolling!

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"No, Luke. Faster, easier, more seductive it is, but not better."

The Eldar Rule:

"If any model with the special rule Eldar! is on the battlefield the player may instantly declare victory and arrogantly storm out of the room. They may also claim any models, cash or cookies that are in the room."

I want to put to the record that I wholeheartedly support this rule and think GW should adopt it whenever they redo the Eldar codex. Cash and cookies are always good, and arrogantly storming out is an underrated pasttime
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