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Imperial Guard Infantry Heavy Army (2000 points)
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Default Imperial Guard Infantry Heavy Army (2000 points)

While overly cheap and a real pain in the behind army to defeat, this army is just an idea that composes of less Heavy Weapons and more swarming of Lasguns and Special Weapons, but still includes lots of tanks and Sentinels. May appear to be powergaming, but it is just an idea guys. This was composed to show that Imperial Guard are not all about heavy weapons and that a whole mass of specialized troops can win the day.

Command Platoon:
Command Squad: (161)
1 Heroic Senior Officer w/ Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Surveyor, Iron Discipline, Carapace Armor
2 Guardsmen w/ Plasmaguns
1 Veteran w/ Medi-pack, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon
1 Veteran w/ Regimental Standard, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon

Anti-Tank Squad w/ 3 Lascannons (110)

"The Suicide Squad" (Special Weapon Squad) w/ 2 Melta Guns, 1 Demolition Charge, 3 Lasguns (75)

1 Commissar w/ Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon (46)

Storm Trooper Squad: (231)
1 Veteran Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol, Targetter, Surveyor, CC Weapon
2 Storm Troopers w/ Melta Guns, Targetters
7 Storm Troopers w/ Hellguns, Targetters
All Infiltrating

Ogryn Squad: (254)
1 Ogryn Bone'ead w/ Bolt Pistol, Ripper Gun
5 Ogryns
1 Chimera w/ Multi-Laser, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers

Veteran Squad: (122)
1 Veteran Sergeant w/ Storm Bolter, Surveyor, Laspistol
3 Veterans w/ Melta Guns
6 Veterans w/ Lasguns

Infantry Platoon:
Command Squad: (78)
Junior Officer w/ Bolt Pistol, Power Weapon, Iron Discipline
3 Guardsmen w/ Melta Guns
1 Veteran w/ Medi-pack, Bolt Pistol, CC Weapon

Infantry Squad: (70)
1 Guardsman w/ Plasmagun
8 Guardsmen w/ Lasguns
1 Sergeant w/ Laspistol, CC Weapon

Infantry Squad: (70)
1 Guardsman w/ Melta Gun
8 Guardsmen w/ Lasguns
1 Sergeant w/ Laspistol, CC Weapon

Infantry Squad: (70)
1 Guardsman w/ Melta Gun
8 Guardsmen w/ Lasguns
1 Sergeant w/ Laspistol, CC Weapon

Infantry Squad: (75)
1 Heavy Weapon Team w/ Missile Launcher
7 Guardsmen w/ Lasguns
1 Sergeant w/ Laspistol, CC Weapon

Conscript Platoon: (245)
5 Conscripts w/ Flamers
45 Conscripts w/ Lasguns

Fast Attack
3 Sentinels w/ Heavy Flamers, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers (129)

Heavy Support
1 Leman Russ w/ Lascannon (155)
1 Leman Russ Demolisher w/ Lascannon, Plasma Cannons, Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers (193)

2001 points

Close Order Drill
Special Weapon Squads
Iron Discipline
Drop Troops

The non-Heavy Weapon Infantry Squads will deep-strike into a position near the enemy. The Sentinels will also deep-strike, scorching everything before most likely dieing next turn. The Suicide Squad will also deep-strike, killing off some tanks and then blowing themselves up with the Demolition Charge near some heavy infantry (Terminators anyone?). The Ogryns will ride up to the frontlines, blowing away infantry with the Multi-Laser and scorching them with the Heavy Flamer, while the Ogryns blow through all of the infantry. The Conscripts will walk to the frontlines. The Flamers will stay on the sides to scorch anything that might flank them and stay out of harms way. Then, the gigantic mass of Lasguns will blow away infantry. The Anti-Tank squad and Leman Russ will blow away tanks, along with the Melta Gun-toting Storm Troopers, Veterans, and Guardsmen. The Demolisher will ride up behind the Conscripts, blowing holes in the heavy infantry and blowing up any heavy tanks (Land Raiders, ETC.). The Command Squad for the Infantry Platoon will deep-strike with the Infantry Squads, offering support. The Command Platoon Command Squad will stay with the Conscripts, giving them Ld 10, and will offer assault support when the main body consisting of Guardsmen, Conscripts, the Suicide Squad, Veterans, Storm Troopers, Ogryns, and Command Squads.

I was thinking of using a Mortar Squad instead of an Anti-Tank squad, but I'm not sure.

A fantastic sig by Kais.

Originally Posted by Rev_Enge(spc)
And there we have it. Gentlemen, we give you Black Behemoth, future Supreme Overlord of Earth.
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Default Re: Imperial Guard Infantry Heavy Army (2000 points)

That's a lot of... lasguns.

It's always nice to see a good ol' SIGAFH.
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