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this is an explaination of some guard army-pick ideas
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Default this is an explaination of some guard army-pick ideas

I play with toy soldiers. This is my first time on this list and I read Wargamer's little intro. I agree on most of his advice but I wanted to add a bit of my own. I am a big fan of the guard because they are such underdogs in the big bad S4 T4 universe, but they are so misconcepted (is that a word?) by most people I have met at the GW store near me. First and foremost, "guard has no assault" is just silly. The thing is, guard has no assault that you can buy at basic points value. No chintzy hormagaunts or ork badboyz (or whatever they call them these days) or eldar scorpions. You need to invest wisely in points and in bang-for-your-buck miniatures - because running a successful guard force is quite pricey compared to more 'elite' armies with 1/3 the figures to buy, paint, and deploy.
Back to the 'assault' idea, A veteran squad with 10 models, an Honorifica sarge with a powerfist and CCW, and a Hardened fighters upgrade, then add a few ccw troops, a few specialists (i personally use meltaguns but flamers are also nice), and you can have a meatshield to block for sarge, a decent pre-charge assault weapon blast, then finish it up with 5 powerfist attacks that will more or less clobber anything, and 20-30 dice to roll for the rest of the grunts with good enough odds of hitting to counteract the bad enough odds of wounding and average out a few more kills. Depending on the terrain you typically play on, Cameleoline of Jungle Fight are good picks for special ability if points allow, because then your Veteran Death Squad can occupy some hard terrain with their infiltrate ability, and stay safe from fire until the enemy gets close enough to slaughter.

I am not much of a number cruncher and will not (not yet anyways) produce any kind of probability graph on this, but I have seen it work many times.

Also of great use to the guard are Ogryns, who just don't die very easily and can block up a flank just by being stubborn, so that you don't have to suffer the "kill and move on and lock up in CC so I cant be shot at" assault armies - Ogryns don't actually hit very hard or shoot very well, but they take an awfully long time to get rid of - especially if deployed in a line between your nastier shooty units and the advancing enemy (psychology leads almost every player I have come up against to advance constantly when playing against guard).

Another thing that I have used effectively is a Chimera turned into a sort of hybrid version of a Hellhound.... give it the extra armor, the track guards, smoke so it can maneuver into position, and a pair of heavy flamers, 1 in the turret and 1 in the hull. It costs the same amount of points, accomplishes almost the same thing, but it advances and drops off your Ogryns or Veterans or spare special weapons jr. command squad or whatever into a nice piece of real estate simultaneously, rather than sitting back and just burping flame to the same effect.

A couple more suggestions for army building - but I am getting long winded here so I will stop soon: mortar squads are extremely effective, not due to any impressive stat line, but because any opponent who doesn't advance towards your relatively static line of doomed humans will suddenly become extremely paranoid and incapable of fighting a 'slow' battle where most turns are spent sniping and outflanking and hiding behind terrain and such. Psychology is one of the best tools of the IG, and being able to consistently drop a pretty wide explosion anywhere on the table for turn after turn will encourage even the most cautious opponent to start advancing toward your lines - at which point we fire up the heavy bolters and such and relive world-war-one.
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