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what am i missing here
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Default what am i missing here

a few days ago i bought the necron codex and i was reading at the special rule for guass weapons and i noticed something odd. from the codex: "If a gauss weapon scores a glancing hit on a vehicle with a roll of 6 when it would not otherwise be able to damage it, and the vehicle is one which treats glancing hits as penetrating hits, such as the hellhound..."
the hellhound treats all glancing hits as penetrating hits!!!! where is this come from, its not in the codex and i dont know any special rules that would amke the hellhound count all glancing as penetrating. is this an old rule that got mixed into the necron codex before IG was updated?
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Default Re: what am i missing here

Under the old dex, hellhounds had this penalty for their massive fuel tanks...not sure if it got carried into 4th edition or even the new IG dex.
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Default Re: what am i missing here

It's a rule from the old Guard codex, and it was removed when the codex was updated. The hellhound now has MORE armour than a chimera and is an all round more useful and expensive tank.

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