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2 Honorifica queries.
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Default 2 Honorifica queries.

1- If given to a Tech presit does he still keep the 3+ save?

2- Why not give a JO the honorifica and save 5pts over what your HSO would cost? It makes sense and the only draw back is you can't give it to another model. But in small lists the 5pts extra that you save would come in handy and you probly wouldn't give another model the medal anyway.
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Default Re: 2 Honorifica queries.

1. Yes. The medal technically represents training, experience, and skill. Rewarding someone for valour and skill wouldn't decrease thier armour, unless I am missing something...

2. I think the reason is... you technically cannot have a JO lead 2 platoons with a command section in each with a JO. According to 3rd, a platoon is led by a Lietenent [Junior Officer] and a company, by a Captain [SO]. If it was a COmmand Company, it would be led by a Colonel, because he is the leader of the Reggie. He would be an [HSO] by Statline.

The reason they are all on the same page is because GW conserved space. You can't have a lietenent leading a Regiment...

I'm not sure if the above really is official, as I couldn't find a direct reference, but logically, for your Command HQ, you need a SO or a HSO.
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Default Re: 2 Honorifica queries.

In GW's faq for 4th edition IG they answer the question you had that yes they keep there armor saves. As for equipping the JO with a Honorific Imperialis, the only drawback is that you can't give it to someone else, so yes rejoice you save five points. If you are worried fluff wise just say that the captain was killed in action and there was no time to replace him so because that JO was the most decorated he was put in charge.
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Default Re: 2 Honorifica queries.

Precisely. It's cheesy, but legal, to use an honorifica lieutenant as your army commander. Me, I'd rather have two colonels in the same squad, so I take an HSO and an honorifica psycher.
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Default Re: 2 Honorifica queries.

Regarding the five points saved giving it to a Junior Officer, I've heard people complain that it can cause problems running into a wargear limit, the idea being that a given model can only have so much extra stuff on him. Of course, the HI is the only piece of wargear I ever give my commander (well, maybe that and a Bolter), so it's not an issue for me.

As to the cheeze/fluff of putting an HI on a JO, I'm all for it, and don't ever use HSOs. The five points do come in handy elsewhere. And there's all manner of heroic fluff that can be used to explain it.
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