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So, shotguns then?
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Default So, shotguns then?

I was reading through a recent thread on shotguns and some post deviated towards roughriders. ive never used rough riders before since i see them as highly unfluffy and the models are absolutly attrosios.(and as all GW cavarely a fiver each). But i was considering using them so i re-read the rules for them a little, at first i was thinking shotguns to run in with lead blazing and the hunting lances to absolutly devaste them. But then i read that i can't combine shotguns with hunting lances so i thought ill just have las-pistol and hunting lance and benefit from the extra attack, but since GW seems to hate me it turns out that after i use the lance i wont ahve an extra close combat attack anymore, since the lance has been used up.(tell me if im getting this wrong) So what im getting at is: What should i use: Shotgun, Laspistol and CCweapon or hunting lance?(the shotgun doesn't seem very good but id love to convert some cadians)
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Default Re: So, shotguns then?

Personnaly I am infatuated by the Bedouin and Taureg desert tribes which rode horses and used them to drive the French out of their lands. They rode and used bolt action rifles, got pretty good at it too. With my rough riders I use the Lord of the Rings ROR's and convert them using green stuff. I then arm them with the hunting lances and some with shotguns. Personally I like to ride around after the lance is up and shoot and charge rather distructivley. After the lance is gone I just use them as a speed bump or to secure objectives.
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