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ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses
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Default ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

Are sentinals really useful?

I know they get that couting move and all, and ther dirt cheap for vehicles.
They seem to have a good profile.

BUt no one I know seems to take them. Is it becasue of their 30$ price?
What are ther weakness's?
How can they be used most effectivly?

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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

To be honest, its hard to use sentinels correctly.

They are, as Commisar Black Behemoth put it, "as fragile as china". Well said. But used correctly, they can be quite devastating as many opponents will ignore them instead of your tank. Most sentinels that I play with rarely live to see the end of the game, but they do their damage.
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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

For me?
1. Unfluffy
2. No matter how effective, I jsut can't stand to see something that weak on my side!

For the whole heavey weapons mobility issue, I would rather have 2 men with an autocannon or lascannon, than a vehicle with A10 and a high profile.

If you know what youre doing, they can be good.

And for 30 USD, why not find 10 bucks on the laundry machine and buy an LR?
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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

using sentinel properly, means you have to take 9 or more, then they swarm the enemy with light vehicles, the only army capable of taking them out are either autocannon armed imperials guard (and lots of them) or missile pod toting tau (again, lots of them), with the capability to take 12... you can easily kill anything, and they are really usefull against armies like Nids (gaunts cannot hurt them in CC) and Orks (with no Power Claw armed nobs) and Imperial Guard where you can tangle them up in CC and they wont get a scratch on them... and they can sit ther mashing away with 3 str 5 attacks (per squad... :-\) but thats the way i play them... and it works like a charm... they are a very good tournament army...
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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

Okay, lets evaluate this. Each sentienl pattern one by one.

Base patterns

Lascannon pattern- Taking a lascannon on a sentinel instantly puts the big 'Bullet magnet' sign above it's canopy as it is a mobile tank killer.and against armies like Tau, SM, CSM and others with loads of st4+ weaponry it's especially bad. The high cost of your Lascannon makes it dependent on safty to ensure you keep a great deal of victory points in game and not in your opponents kitty. If you do choose to take Lascannon pattern sentinels then you should only be moving first and foremost to attack tanks and stronger enemy units like Greater deamons and Wraithlords. Moving them should only be along your deployment zone and out of enemy base fire (from bolters or plasma rifles and such).

Auto cannon- The most versitle of the sentinel patterns with being a great heavy infantry killer and a good light tank hunter. Great against Hordes (Orks/'Nids etc) as well as small squads of enemy infantry (e.g. Tactical matine squads) and fast vechiles (e.g.bikes, skimmers). Moving them is pretty straight forward, literally. Keep them spread and moving forward, it puts a great psycholical pressure on your opponent and being cheap they may be very expendable, unlike their lascannon toting brothers.

Multi-laser pattern- A great infantry killer, both of heavy and light forms or hords and small roving sections though better suited to killing hord armies. The multi-laser is a great addition to have along with say two autocannon pattern sentinels to form your squad of three. Makes for great infantry killing all round and should be moved in the same way as the Auto cannon pattern.

Heavy flamer- The hardest to use of the base patterns (this and the ones above), it requires you make sure you move it using the vanguard rule and make use of cover and smoke launchers. It's critical this pattern be taken in sets of three all with smoke launchers and chainsaw terrain modifications. As it is used in assault the chainsaw will give +1 attack to each sentinel and is the most valuble peice of equiptment on one of this pattern. If you take a 'weapon destroyed' roll, remove the flamer before the chainsaw, unless there is dense cover where the weapon negates the cover saves.

Specialised patterns-

Missile launcher pattern- Great for killing troops and tanks. Use just the same as the auto cannon pattern but make use of the frag missile against tightly packed squads or large squads.

Heavy bolter pattern- Perfect for a fire support role to a command squad or infantry platoon. Try not to take these as your fast attack choice and leave it open for other units and/or pattern sentinels. The heavy bolter as allways is the classic horde killing weapon, good for dispatching of Nid's or Orks, even other IG units. And still effective against heavier armour.

Multi-melta pattern- The only thing this pattern should be used for is Tank hunting, or taking on heavy armour HQ's. DO NOT set these up agaisnt mass troops. As with the Heavy Flamer pattern equip them with smoke launchers and make use aof vanguard rule. When moving stay in cover and use the smoke launchers to full effect.

I have never tried the Mortar pattern sentinel so i can't really comment on it. Only thing is i'd rather take a mortar team, cheaper then the sentinel and all i loose out on is the abilty to move and shoot... but that seems pointless on a mortar.

As for cost money wise? If you use them right then buy them. They make a great addition to most armies.

Please note this is only from my personal experience and is not intended to say that 'this IS how you WILL play them or suffer'.
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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

I don't have my codex with me, but I just had a pretty neat idea. First, take the Drop Troops and Hardened Fighters rules. Then, take a catachan pattern Sentinel and add Smoke Launchers and a Armored Crew Compartment. This will protect the Sentinel for a turn. Give the Sentinel the +1 WS and +1 A and deep-strike it on enemy lines. An Infantry Platoon with Meltas or Plasmas deep-striking also helps your Sentinel survive. Then, scorch anything close with the Heavy Flamer and use Smoke Launchers. This will protect the Sentinel for a turn. Next turn, scorch some more enemy models and then assault. The Sentinel, with WS4, can now do some pretty good damage. And, if you are facing weak S3 models, they can't hurt you thanks to the Crew Compartment. > Marines can hurt you, but on a 6+, and that is only a glance. This isn't the best thing to use versus marines, but it could be a real pain to Tau, Eldar, and such.

You could also use them as an expensive Anti-Tank squad, giving them all Armageddon Pattern. Then, stick them far away. You now have a dangerous tank-hunting mobile weapons platform. If it deals enough damage, the enemy may be distracted to kill it instead of that Leman Russ, so they can do pretty good.

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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

Deepstriking your Sentinels really is a beauty way to go. The heavy weapon it totes can open fire immediately, and it can get dropped into all sorts of frustrating flank areas. Such a use can distract enemy heavy weapons long enough for your really ugly stuff (like your Demolisher) to get into whompin' range.

And I'll echo the idea that they're fantastic as close combat speed bumps. They won't be able to do more than tie up an opposing unit for a couple of turns, but those couple of turns are probably all you need.
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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

How in the hell can you call them unfluffy? Please explain!

My rules for using sentinels:

1. Take at least 6. 9 is better.

2. Give all three the same weapon.

3. Take three multilasers and three autocannons before considering lascannons

4. Take HK missiles. One HK sucks, a dozen of them will destroy three vehicles on turn one...for 120 points.

5. Tanks and chimeras are better targets for enemy AT weapons. Use that to your advantage.

6. Few armies are prepared to deal with 15 vehicles.

7. Sentinels are small enough to block LOS between an enemy AT system and your ordnance, without seriously limiting the ordnance weapon's field of fire. Sometimes, this means you can pie-plate the devastators, but they can't shoot anything but a cheap sentinel.

8. Sentinels spread out in a line are impassable terrain to enemy transports.

9. Sentinels last a loooong time in assault if there is no powerfist present...but don't expect them to kill much in the process.

10. Sentinels make great "moving screens" for advancing chimeras on turn one. Scout move means they can stay ahead of the transport for one turn, saving the chimeras' smoke for turn 2.

There are 101 uses for sentinels, and the same model can probably fill 60 of those 101 in the same game.
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Default Re: ADIVICE ANYONE? the sentinal uses

If you try to swamp your enemy with infantry, then sentinels are good for spearheading an assualt and trying to rip a hole in their line before getting destroyed. Now if you do something different it's good to use a squad of three for some light infantry/light tank hunting.
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