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ForgeWorld cadian goodies
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Old 23 Dec 2005, 17:02   #1 (permalink)
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Default ForgeWorld cadian goodies


looks cool, but its cheaper to buy Kashrkin for stortroopers...but you could convert you normal guardsmen to them.

but would be great reprsenting chem-inhalers.

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Default Re: ForgeWorld cadian goodies

well they look cool, but not worth the price.
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Default Re: ForgeWorld cadian goodies

hmmm.... (i could use these for something....)

all will be revealed when i'm finished...
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Default Re: ForgeWorld cadian goodies

they look pretty cool, but all those little things on the belt might be hard to paint.
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Default Re: ForgeWorld cadian goodies

me likes the shot guns!!
yes, that is me in the pic.
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Default Re: ForgeWorld cadian goodies

as with ALL FW stuff it's Uber cool, but also UBER expensive. shame
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Default Re: ForgeWorld cadian goodies

Oh yeah, I saw those a few days back. Those looks awesome. If I ever have a massive wad of money burning a hole in my pocket, I'll be sure to buy those.
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