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1000 points IG list, was it legal?
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Old 21 Dec 2005, 12:22   #1 (permalink)
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Default 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

I had half a game against one guy few days ago. He had no list, and somehow I felt like he had really too much stuff. So can someone tell my if it was possible or not to do list like that for future reference.

Now, I donīt know all the details, but here is what I do know he had in 1000pts list:

-Basilisk with indirect fire upgrade
-Leman Russ, side sponsons (heavy bolters I think), not sure about hull weapon
-LR ?demolisher? (the 24" S10 ord1 variant with flamer sponsons), not sure about hull weapon
-2 platoons (command squad+2 infantry squads in each)
-2 units of stormtroopers in Chimeras.
-Hq unit with mastervox, medic and Ld9 (He said all his units get ld9, so I assume he was talking about mastervox)
-All units had 4+ save

I donīt know for sure weapons upgrades, but can remember seeing atleast 1 mortar, 1-2 missilelauncher(s), 1 (heavy)flamer, 2 grenade launchers, 1 melta and possibly more on platoons.
He played same army against another guy, and stromtroopers had Meltas (atleast one/squad).

I think the tanks eat more then half of his points, and platoons would take a 300-400 points total. So it seems to be quite impossible to squeeze all that in 1000 pts.

I did a quick check in armybuilder later, but it seemed closer to 1500. So was he cheating/unable to count the points correctly, or did I miss something?
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Old 21 Dec 2005, 12:47   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

Yep, he's a cheater. The troops choices (500) and heavy support choices (400) add up to 900 or so points. 400 points for elites, dunno what the techpriest costs, and a good 100 for the HQ...that's a solid 1500 points. You got used. How badly did he beat you?
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Old 21 Dec 2005, 13:11   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

We had to stop on turn 3 my part(my turn was first), but by then he had lost the basilisk, the Leman Russ, command squad of one platoon, one chimera,another chimera was immobilized and stunned with side armor to firewarriors, main gun of the demolisher was wrecked, HQ squad had only 2 men left (Medic and Officer I think) and were under drone fire and one squad was down to under 50%. And his one stormtrooper squad was entangled, another was just stuck behind burning wrecks while firewarriors were aiming at the wreckage.

He got my Kroots under half strenght and running though.

He was not the best tactician I think.

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Old 21 Dec 2005, 19:33   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

Wow. He certainly sounds...not so good. ;D

On another note, though, how often do you just go along with opponents that just happen to have no list? Did he even have his codex with him? If he had his codex, what was stopping him from taking fifteen minutes and slapping together a quick list? I'm sure any one of the regular posters on this board can easily produce a simple list at 1000 points in fifteen minutes or less. Heck, march10k can do it in his head.

Speaking solely for myself, there's no way on Earth I'd play a game against a stranger with no list. Somebody I know and trust? Sure. A stranger? No way. And if he's got no codex either, he's unlikely to be an effective opponent anyway. It's just asking for trouble.

Next time, tell him (or whoever) you're cool with a game, and you'll even wait a few minutes for him to build a quick 1000 point list. Don't be rude, just tell him that you prefer your opponents to have army lists, so that you can properly evaluate your own army's performance afterward. If he insists on playing list-free, then lay some simple restrictions on him--the easiest is probably to say "well, alright, but let's just take a single HQ and two troops choices. No frills." If nothing else, it'll keep the game short, and you can guage for yourself whether or not you want to play with the guy again.

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Old 22 Dec 2005, 21:49   #5 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

Yer, if they don't have an army list, don't play them, or don't play them until they have wrote one, because the fact is that they could so easily cheat and say yeah that's 1000pts and you wold have to take his/her word for it unless you fully knew the opponents army...and most managers of GW stores will ask you for your army lists before you play, because he/she wants fair fights in his/her hobby center, battle bunkers, what ever you guys call it, (we have a battle bunker, its under ground and its so Rad! )
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Default Re: 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

he was cheating hard. maybe he was confused. in the future, i would suggest you ask for a list if it looks a little big. the nerve of some people. at least you beat him.
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Old 26 Dec 2005, 16:51   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: 1000 points IG list, was it legal?

We were on a tight schedule (we didnīt even have time to finish the game) so I though it would be waste of time. I had no other games, the place was quiet at that night so it was either play him or play no-one.
Also, since I wasnīt sure about the point costs, I thought that I might be wrong myself.

Anyway, I can cope with it once. It might have been accidental too, I prefer to give people benefit of the doubt. Anyway, now I know, next time I will ask for his list. (And I know his tactical level too...)

And I pretty much have to play with strangers, I just moved in short time ago, Iīve played 3 games against locals, each against different person.
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