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303rd Enfields, some fluff and 1500 point list
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Default 303rd Enfields, some fluff and 1500 point list

The shrieking of an incoming shell made many men duck down in the trenches, their ears listening for the sound to stop. Leutenant Perci kept walking as is nothing was the matter, his injured hand in pain due to the shrapnel that had pierced it. The medic had fixed it temporarily and told him to get a proper treatment. But it was not time for such luxury.
“Get up, lads, have you not heard a shell before? Nothing to hide for is it. If it hit the trench will be blasted to the emperors absolution crouching or not.”
The guard at the command bunker saluted smartly.
“Good morning sir! Have the bastards tried to get you?”
“Nothing Darik, just a fleshwound. Well, should you not ask me the password?”
“Certainly sir. Flash.”

Captain Blackbird smiled merrily towards Perci as he entered and greeted him.
“Hello there, Spotty. Cut yourself on the wire have you?”
“No sir, not that bad, some shrapnel through the hand, just a scratch. But one rascals sniper smashed my teacup.”
“Now that was insanely rude by them. But they will pay soon. I know how fond you where of that cup. But sit down old fellow, and have some coffee. Major Ralwy will be here soon with the Canoness.”
“Canoness, sir?”
“Yes, we are going to aid a team from the Order of the Lily to capture the Meatloaf strongpoint. Your platoon will aid here sisters in a raid across no-mans-land. We move during night at attack at first light, blow up the darn thing and get some prisoners.”
“How many Sisters are there? I have my platoon at full compliment at the moment but…”
“Not that many my friend, but you are not thinking of hiding behind their skirts are you? Of course not.”
The captain turned and shouted inwards to the next room.
“Thors beard, where is that coffee?”
“It is coming sir.”
Blackbird turned towards his subordinate.
“Anyway, they are about 15 Sisters and the Canoness. She has overall command and will brief you on the plan. I asked Old Fopy to get some tank support and I will let you use the company Chimera. Could get some of your boys on target quicker. The Anti-tank squad will follow to provide support and you will get one of the mortar squads too, and snipers.* Maybe they can avenge your cup.
I will be following behind with my command squad, and bring up the rest of the company if that is needed. Guess there will be some targets for my plasma lads to practice upon. Darn shame they tend to get injured so often. But Fergin is quite good at burns so that will work out.”
He stoped and listened. There were lots of low whispering voices outside.

“I guess Old Fopy and the Canoness are coming now. Relax, you will do smashingly!”

The regiment consist so far of two men, painted and slightly remodelled to give an impression of WWI british infantry. I use the standard cadians with some modifications.

Here are my doctrines. Feel free to make suggestions. A list will be added tomorrow.

Iron discipline (Regimental tradition. By the way, the commisar will pop you if you do not go over the top...)
Die hards (For Emepror and galaxy!)
Hardened veterans (Bayonet practice is all important. Gives backbone to the lads. By the way, every enemy is scared stiff of bayonets! Or sharpened spades for that matter)
Special weapon squads (So I can have some snipers and the possibility of a demolition team)
Independent Commisars (The one that takes care of the mentioned popping)

I have plans to make a hardened veteran squad with lost of melta and the rest of the vets armed with laspistols and sharp spades they are not in the list but will be made as a kill team first.

Assault/raid force of 7th company(-) of the 303rd Enfields plus SoB reinforcement.
(A 1500 point list with SoB allies)

Captain Blackbird Senior officer
Iron discipline, surveyor
2 Plasma guns
Die hards 102

Support squads:
Antitank squad with 2 lascannons & 1 missile launcher 105
Mortar 80
Special weapon squads with 3 snipers 65

Canoness Maria Magdala from the Order of the Lily
Blessed weapon, Bolt pistol, Cloak of St. Aspira, frags 97

Commisar McDunn
Bolt pistol, Power weapon, Refactor field, frags 72

Celestian squad
5 Celestians with Heavy bolter & Storm bolter 75

1th Platoon/7th company (-)
Leutenant Perci
Iron discipline, bolt pistol
2 Meltas
2 Veterans with bolters
Hardened fighters and Die hards 90

1th Squad
Vet.Sgt with plasma pistol, flamer, frags, Hardened fighters and Die hards 112

2nd Squad
Vet.Sgt with Bolt pistol and krak, Grenade launcher, frags, Hardened fighters and Die hards 107

Armoured fist squad
3rd squad/1th platoon
Vet. Sgt with Bolter, krak, Heavy bolter, grenade launcher, frags, Hardened fighters and Die hards 117
Chimera with Multilas, heavy bolter, Heavy stubber, Extra armour and Hunter-killer missile 112

Sister of battle squad
10 Sisters with Veteran superior. Power weapon, frags, Meltagun and heavy flamer 156

Fast attack
1 Mars pattern sentinel Multilas, extra armour & Hunter-killer missile

Heavy support
1 Leman Russ with lascannon and heavy bolters

1500 points and access to 4 faith points for my sisters.

What do you think of this force? See it as a force that are supposed to make a precise strike at an enemy objective across No-Mans-Land. It is prepared to deal with most things that they might encounter. They are fighting cultist, mutants and a renegade space marine chapter that has recently fallen to chaos, hence the presence of the Adepta Sororitas.
The fluffwise leader is in fact Canoness Maria Magdala and with her high leadership she is rightly so. She will fight with the SoB squad, the Celestiand providing a reserve and support for their younger sisters.

Not a big army, but I think it is as okay as you can do an army with this doctrinal angle.

Asperger, asrai and proud!

My blog: http://mattiknife.wordpress.com
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Default Re: 303rd Enfields, some fluff and 1500 point list

looks good.
yes, that is me in the pic.
this be the awesome sig that kais made me...

2000 points
1500 points
my army lists.
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