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Should I Buy It?
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Old 25 Nov 2005, 14:36   #1 (permalink)
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Default Should I Buy It?

Someone I know used to play Orks, but now plays Necrons. He had a looted Leman Russ that he might sell me. Since he is weak minded, I negociated with him enough for him to sell it for me for $15. Should I buy it? It has a terrible paint job and it used to be looted, but all of the stuff was taken off, but I can repaint it...I think. Should I buy it?

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Default Re: Should I Buy It?

ummmm, YES!!!
yes, that is me in the pic.
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Default Re: Should I Buy It?

Yes, you should buy that tank right away. Its so cheap, you are actually stealing the guy! You sure can repaint is later so dont worry about the paint job.
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Default Re: Should I Buy It?

As Gorcyca said, definately!
Models that are second hand/looted/both are useful for many purposes. If you have a good number of left over bitz, you can resurrect it.
If you don't either take many peices off and use it for a broken, abandoned tank, or for extra bitz and conversion oppurtunities.

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Default Re: Should I Buy It?

defiitely, just get the current paint of and repaint it, and you have a brand new imperial battle tank for a fraction of its usual price.
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Default Re: Should I Buy It?

if you dont buy it i will find where you live and put your nuts in a vice :
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