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Default vox-casters

should i include vox-casters in every squad or is it just a waste of points
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Default Re: vox-casters

I think it's a waste of points. There are many other ways to get leadership boosts in the IG list....vox casters are just the most expensive one.

A company standard in your HQ is a good start. The iron discipline doctrine doesn't boost leadership directly, but it's certainly related to morale checks, and a real bargain at 5 points an officer. Close order drill boosts leadership as well, and it's free for every unit.
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Default Re: vox-casters

paying for vertans would be cheaper, but vox-casters are fluffy.
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Default Re: vox-casters

I'm a big fan of the voxnet, but there are a couple of things you need to do to make them work.

First, you need a Heroic Senior Officer in your HQ (or a JO with an Honorifica Imperialis). He's got the high Ld to make the whole thing work.

Second, and more important, you can't go sacrificing your HQ squad as a close combat counterassault unit. Because then they're dead, and your commander's Ld stops mattering.

If you don't trick out your HQ squad for close combat, and use it solely to run the voxnet (keeping it way out of sight and out of the line of fire), the points you save on HQ wargear are easily used in other quite effective ways. Note that this also means you don't need to put a Commissar, Priest, or Psyker in there, either.

It also allows you to use your Platoon HQ squads as special weapons teams, since you won't need them for their officer (since your commander is doing the leading via the voxnet). That in turn also saves points (and could well save you a doctrine slot that could be used elsewhere, as well).
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