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Starting an army
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Default Starting an army

Question? ???? What should I buy first when starting a IG? I will mainly face eldar and chaos for reference.
Is there a change for the IG in the near future, and I'm just starting on IG so I won't know many of the terms. ;D

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Default Re: Starting an army

you will need your com squad and 2 troops picks... i started with the cadian boxed 'battleforce' (or whatever its called.... it saves money, gives you 2 squads, a leman, and 3 hvy weapon teams)... throw in another box of infantry and a chimera, you can build a command section as well as a Junior Officer command section (for the above two infantry squads) out of 10 of the infantry, and make an Armored Fist squad with the other 10 infantry...
be careful to think ahead looking at the army list before assembling your soldiers, because the sprues have 1 'sarge', 1 flamer, 1 vox, and 1 grenade launcher that CAN be built out of every 5 guardsmen... though squads of 10 are only allowed 1 sarge and 1 special weapon, so if you build all the 'cool' troops, you will not have enough lasgunner figures to fill out your squads. you got all your requirements plus a Leman and a Heavy team
- theres a nice little pointy cap head in the leman russ sprue that can be used to turn a little guard plastic guy into an officer, or the metal officers come 2 to a pack (i think) - a couple of the metal officer figures come with powerfist/laspistol combo which are NOT good - because officers are independant characters and cannot be hidden in the squad casualties. . maybe a commissar for the com squad would be nice.. that is a basic, cheap, but playable and legal army. - the Command Squad also has some cool bonus figs like a medic, a standard, a meltagunner, a hooknosed uptight looking officer type, and a worried looking vox operator to stand at his side... all have their uses if your points allowance allows.
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