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PDf Organisation
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Default PDf Organisation

Is the organisation of the PDF the same as or near enough the same as the standard IG? I've heard people say that the PDF isn't like standard Guard, so I was wondering about it because I plan to include some in my Arbites army.
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Default Re: PDf Organisation

From everything i have read, PDF is pretty much like the Guard, but without as many cool toys and trinkets and variety. It depends on what planet they are on, though. There is no army list specifically for PDF - but one can assume the defenders of Tallarn would be likely equipped much the same as the Guard regiments raised there, likewise Cadian PDF would probably have Kasrkin and heavy infantry much like a Cadian regiment, etc. I would think that inclusion of 'off-world' troops who aren't from the same planet as the regiment such as Commissars, Stormtroopers, Psykers, and so on would probably be more scarce.
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Default Re: PDf Organisation

I don't know too much about the PDF forces, but from what I've heard they're basically the fighters who arn't good enough to be guard - you could represent them by taking lots of conscripts and not as many cool & special units and gear.
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Default Re: PDf Organisation

Basically, they are Imperial Guard, but weaker. My suggestions on how to create a "standard" PDF unit:

No tanks of any kind, not even Chimeras. No Sentinels either.

No Commissars, Ogryns, Stormtroopers or Ratling Snipers.

Only include Rough Riders if the world uses cavalry.

No Plasma weapons.

Keep the number of Heavy Bolters and Lascannons to a minimum; these are high-maintenance, and quite expensive weapons, so rarely appear in the PDF armoury.

No Doctrines; the troops aren't good enough to be considered Guard, so they won't have those kind of skills.
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Default Re: PDf Organisation

well, unless the pdf is a defence of a fortress world ore if the world is huge they ooften use armoured Cav...
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Default Re: PDf Organisation

Well, PDF is alot like National Guard here in the US. They are not usally sent out off-world, and thier primary task is protecting thier planet. In my army, I include a platoon and one LR tht are classified Minsk-PDF. They are not different game terms, but they wear a standard fatigue instead of camo, and the tank is black and red instead of the normal white and green of Valhallan Taiga armour. House rules would be cool... Anyways, they are all armed with lasguns, either a ML or a mortar, a couple of flamers and GLs, and the leman russ has no sponsons. or track guards or improved comms or extra-armour. It does have a pintle weapon though, but it is stark plain against my other armor, which is exactly what I wanted.
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