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1250 pt. 'quantity over quality' list
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1250 pt. 'quantity over quality' list

so here it is... i decided to try to mash all my guardsmen into a 1250 point force to get extra numbers on the table. I am a stickler for equipping my guys just like the figure, so there are choices in here that may not be the best, also due to an economic restriction as to the number of figures I own, I have made some compromises... (i.e. no Conscripts, stormtroopers instead of another inf. platoon.) but the list has worked reasonably well in 2 battles with randomly picked missions and levels of play on a tournament sized table. I am playing against far better equipped opponents with much larger army selection... 1 tie vs. a Tau tank army, and 1 loss to a ridiculously powerful 'cult of speed' tournament army, but at least not an embarrassing loss. Not bad in my opinion for a thrown together mishmash of figures... so here it is (later I'll post the Quality over quantity version)

DOCTRINES: (yeah yeah i know... but i think they're cool... plus since i dont have any ogryns or priests or whatnot i dont really worry too much about restricted troops)
light infantry
iron discipline

Command Squad 162 pts.
Jr. Officer: bolt pistol, power weapon, bionics, surveyor, *iron discipline*
Commissar: bolt pistol, power weapon
Veteran: company standard, bolt pistol, ccw
Veteran: medic
2 guardsmen: 1 w Meltagun, 1 w master Vox

Fire support Squad *sharpshooters* 80 pts.
2 heavy bolter teams, 1 autocannon team

10 Stormtroopers, deep strike 141 pts.
Vet Sgt w. powersword
2 plasma guns

Infantry Platoon
Command: 73 pts.
jr. off w. ccw, laspist, *iron discipline*
1 missile launcher team (ammo bearer has laspist/ccw)
1 Grenade launcher
1 vox, laspist/ccw
2 identicle infantry squads: 108 pts. (x2)
*light infantry*, *chameleoline*
vox, Grenade launcher, missile launcher

Armored Fist: 178 pts.
frag grenades, flamer, vox
chimera: multilaser, hull hvy flamer, pintle heavy stubber

Sentinel: multilaser 45 pts.

Leman Russ: 167 pts.
heavy bolter hull, heavy bolter sponsons, pintle hvy stubber

Leman Russ: 173 pts.
lascannon hull, hvy bolter sponsons, smoke launch, rough terrain mod.

here's the design ideas behind this list:
1 tank is the 'anti-tank' tank, more standard and multi-purpose, use the smoke launchers after 1st turn move to put you in most ideal position (the dozer blade may help here), while the other tank is entirely geared towards infantry, with 9 hvy bolter dice and 3 hvy stubber it can shred most grunt squads.
the stormtrooper deep strike is intended to be used in conjunction with their 2 plasguns so they can pick a particularly nuiscance target and have a fair chance at splatting it, then spend the rest of the game annoying the opponent behind his lines
the 2 infantry squads with chameleo and light infiltry are designed to be set in the best terrain pieces (rubble buildings and what not) and just sit their all game launching missiles and grenades, with the armor fist cruising around to respond to anyone threatening the 2 light inf. at close quarters (hence the flamer in the squad and on the chim, and the frag grenades just in case they need to charge someone holed up)... i have considered upping their sgts to veteran sgts so i can give them both surveyors and get a free shot on any enemy infiltrators - giving an even better chance of controlling the cool reasl estate from the get-go, but i dont know where to free up the points for that and its iffy (its cool if the enemy has infiltrators, but a waste if they dont right?)
the command section is a decoy. if they want to get close enough to attack it, theres a meltagun, and its not so easy a kill if put in the right cover... mostly they are there for the standard, the leadership (9 w the commissar present), and the master vox.... oh yeah, and because they look cool.
anyhoo, any comments or suggestions are always appreciated.
happy hunting
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Default Re: 1250 pt. 'quantity over quality' list

that's not a lot of models for "quantity over quality"

I was expecting a 50 man conscript platoon and 40+ guardsmen at 1250 points. This is...well, average, numbers-wise. you have 57 ground-pounders. Not a lot.

You can get 50 troopers for 200 points, and you have 57 for 1250?!?

Quantity has a quality all its own...you have neither quality nor quantity with this list.

You want quantity:

5 man HQ: 40 points.

50 man conscript platoon with independent comissar and 5 flamers: under 300 points.

"normal" platoon (25 models): ~200 points.

another 50 man platoon: another almost 300 points.

"normal" platoon: ~200 points.

one russ: 150+ points.

one basilisk: 100 points.

Comes to about 1250 points, with 157 infantrymen an 2 ordnace templates. That's quantity AND quality.
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