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Militarum Tempestus (aka Stormtroopers) List
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Default Militarum Tempestus (aka Stormtroopers) List

Now, I know we have the existing mini-codex to field the "Stormtroopers" in larger elements. But what about the Militarum Temptesus deploying somewhat similar to a Guard regiment?

Okay, before the shouts of "HERETIC!" come and folks break out torches, pitchforks, and other sundry lynch mob accessories, hear me out.

So, you have some Astra Militarum Lord General who's been fighting the long campaign and repeatedly been in need of forces trained in shock assault and forced entry. Sure, many can say "that's what the Astartes are for". But even beyond the fact Space Marines are a limited asset, we also see time and again their aid is capricious and unreliable. Even when they do show up, it's normally on their terms and there's always the concern that they'll take off without warning or explanation on some obscure whim. How does Front commander keep a reliable strike force on hand? The answer lies in the attached elements of the Militarum Temptesus, the Stormtroopers.

Some exterprising Lord Gerenal could turn to his Stormtrooper Colonel and say, "I need you to train and organize your Temptesus companies to be able to, on order, operate together up to regimental strength in addition to their normal duties." In such a situation the Militarum Temptestus "Regiment" will need to be able to form up additional units such as Special Weapons and Fire Support Squads, vehicle units from transport to combat, and other types SIMILAR to what is seen in a a Guard infantry regiment.

Now, such a unit shouldn't be seen as just "an elite infantry regiment". Elite certainly, but to put them on the line and employ them like conventional infantry would be a waste and ultimately fail. If Stormtroopers are deployed in company, multi-company, or full regimental strength it would be for specific gains in short, violent actions. This is akin to the employment of modern day units like US Rangers, British Royal Marine Commandos, and other such elite "raider" -type units. Examples of their employment would be to be a spearhead force to secure the spaceport for invasion forces, shock assaults on particularly difficult and dangerous fortifications, hit and fade raids on rear supply, support and/or transport nodes, and decapitation strikes.

So, a viable concept? What would such a unit look like? What addition gear and unit types would be needed?
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