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Imperial Guard Valhallan Partisans
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Default Imperial Guard Valhallan Partisans

Hi everyone. Once again the temptation of the Guard have got me.
I have been thinking about using some old school models to bring me back to my younger days of playing 40K (2nd Ed) on the lawn with my mates. Not that I'll be in the garden anymore.

I've been looking at the different OOP guard and I was thinking Mordinian or valhallan. Recently I have been watching a program about Russian Partisans during WW2 and on the back of that I just got defiance (staring Daniel Craig) on DVD (although they ain't Russian partisans as such).

So I'm thinking plot wise, they are a cadian Regiment up in the northern forests. After chaos completed the invashion, this cadian regiment had been formed into a partisan fighting force. Ready to disrupted and destroy chaos surplie lines and small enamy detachments.

Obviously they are deep and hidden in the large forests, and so can't have any tanks. Heres my 1500pt army list (although I have not checked the points yet)
Feed back welcome.

Command hq - Mortar, master of ordinance, astropath, General with boltpistol and pow wep

Lord commissar - power wep

Storm trooper unit - 10 men, grenade launcher, melta gun (Vostorian models)

Platoon A:
HQ: Al'rahem, commissar, 3 flame, 1 melt*
Sq - Melt, bolt pistol
Sq - Melt, bolt pistol
Sq - Missile L, bolt pistol
Sq - Hev Bolt, bolt pistol
Sq - Granada L, bolt pistol
Conscript - 20 men

Platoon B*
HQ - commissar
Sq - Missile launcher, bolt pistol
Sq - Autocannon, bolt pistol
HW - Mortars x3*
HW - Mortars x3
HW - Mortars x3
HW - Mortars x3
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imperial guard, infantry, valhallan

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