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Commissars? Please explain
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Default Commissars? Please explain

I'm joining the guard after a long break from 40k due to drugs and alcohol.
And I don't understand commissars? What is the point?

are space elfs. Of course their boots never get dirty, their stuff won't get dirty, their weapons won't get dirty, their hair won't get dirty, the aspect warriors won't get dirty, and their women won't get dirty - which is also why they are a dying race. ^-^
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Hiya Mate,

What is the point of Commissars?

Well, if you make a combined squad of Infantry 20+ (2 or more squads), the commissars upgrade gives them stubborn, which means they roll leadership on normal value if they lose a Close Combat. He alsa raise their leadership to 9.

What is the point of that you may ask?

The point is, you can give sergeants and commissar power weapons, they can not be singled out in CC and you now have a large block of infantry, with leadership 9, stubborn and 3+ power weapons, with 21+ wounds. It makes them execellent for counter assault. You can also drop the power weapons and just use the block with the commissar to get enemy walkers/monsterous creatures stuck in CC with them, with almost no hope of escaping again.

So, hope that anwsers you question.

Kind Regards,

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