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Mobile Infantry (melee Gaurd)
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Mobile Infantry (melee Gaurd)

1st of all i dont want wargamer 2 reply 2 this post plz honor my wishes or b banned i know the mod.

Ok i was thinking of making a gaurd army mostly based on melee that may not always do well but will b by far fun 2 play.

was thinking of using carpase armor close orderdrill and someother things.
Psykers with force weps roughriders ogrens stuff like that make most of it a nice melee core.
Now not all my infantry will have carpase armor just the elite few brave enough 2 charge in2 combat with warrior weps. i supose the other 50% with stick 2 shooting 2 bring down the enemy as they get closer. seeing as troopers are str 3 shooting or combat it wont really matter but i get 2 attacks in combat with warrior weps and 1 attack without.
Carpase armor is expensive but very useful considering its a 50% save wich most standard infantry weapons of other armies cannot pierce(eldar,ork,marine,).
Now mabe some conscrips 2 soak up the enemy's 1st assault so they take all the nasty charge wounds. then the rest of my army can countercharge(roughriders,hq,ogrens). gonna do a little pick of my formation.
: [] [] [] :
Ok so u basically get it frount line of shiity conscripts then a mix of infantry roughriders hq and ogren. And ether tanks or dreds in the back havent decided but i'm thinking tanks.

I have 2 find my codex'es so i'm not sure what all i'm gonna do i may change my mind if the points dont seem right 2 me but this is the theory.

I figured a balanced army would b the best way 2 victory considering i can do some heavy dmg with shooting and some heavy dmg in assault.

Few things i want ur opinion on , what would u prefer

ogrens or dreds
leman russ or dreds
conscrips or just pure gaurd infantry

Also i was considering making somekind of a cheap transport(dont like chimera's much)
so that i could rush some infantry across the field.
I like the idea of mech's i was reading some posts earlier and i would definatly convery some ogren with some battletech models or substatute.

Any suggests would b epreciated i know i have alot of typing errors its like 12:30 pm so i'm all out of it.

i think with the right balance this army can take on some berserkers u got some ordance blasting holes in them and once they hit the range they take alot of laz fire then get counterassaulted by roughriders and some decent melee troops. I call it Sacrifical Flanking.
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Didn't I do well...
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Default Re: Mobile Infantry (melee Gaurd)

Why dont u want Wargamer replying? An u do realise Wargamer is also a global mod so knowing FT aint gonna help...
Originally Posted by RJay
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Originally Posted by Tau-killer
Originally Posted by Sir Winston Churchill on 23rd August 1940
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GOT IT! Thatís the one. Just sums RJay up perfectly!
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Default Re: Mobile Infantry (melee Gaurd)

I can ban wargamer if I so wish, and he can ban me if he wanted, but neither of us do! anyway, just by being here on this board that he'll read it and reply.
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Default Re: Mobile Infantry (melee Gaurd)

Originally Posted by AlphaMale
1st of all i dont want wargamer 2 reply 2 this post plz honor my wishes or b banned i know the mod.
That was a very, very stupid thing to do.

Firstly, I'm one of the major Guard players of this website.
Secondly, I take it upon myself to mod this place, as I am a Guard veteran.
This means I will read everything you post in this forum.

Somehow, I doubt TO would ban me, a valued and dedicated contributer to this site, because you, a total forum newbie, don't want me to read your topics.

This topic is going to be locked. Should AlphaMale want it unlocked, he will have to PM me, and explain himself to me.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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