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Armageddon Steel Legion List - 1500
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Default Armageddon Steel Legion List - 1500

Heres a list I quickly came up with with the new Imperial Guard codex. It still has a little bit of points left to spend so any ideas would be appreciated.

[b]“The Hiver’s Saviour”
1st Company of the 87th Armageddon

1st Company Command: 125 points
Led by Major Kurov
- Power Sword, Meltagun, Chimera


1st Platoon Command: 115
Led by Lt. Crucius
- Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Chimera
1st Platoon Infantry Squad Red: 120
- Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter, Chimera
1st Platoon Infantry Squad Blue: 135
- Meltagun, Lascannon, Chimera

2nd Platoon Command: 110
Led by Lt. Drucov
- Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Chimera
2nd Platoon Infantry Squad Red: 130
- Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter, Chimera
2nd Platoon Infantry Squad Blue: 130
- Grenade Launcher, Lascannon, Chimera

3rd Platoon Command: 105
Led by Lt. Mallett
- Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, Chimera
3rd Platoon Infantry Squad Red: 125
- Meltagun, Heavy Bolter, Chimera
3rd Platoon Infantry Squad Blue: 140
- Plasma Gun, Lascannon, Chimera

Heavy Support

Hydra Flak Tank Battery: 225
Led by Lt. Parco
- (3)

Total: 1460 points

C&C would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Armageddon Steel Legion List - 1500

I would stick a Medic in your Command Squad myself; you have the points.

I'd also split your Hydras up; they're more vulnerable and less flexible in a Squadron.
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