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Played a lil' battle today.
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Default Played a lil' battle today.

I played a little battle against Dark Angels. (1500 pts.)

It went like this.

He had:
Termi Retinue w/ assault cannon, missile launcher

Epistolary w/ fury of the ancients, artificier armor, iron halo, some other stuff I don't know

Assault Squad. I really don't know what they had, since they died quickly.

10 Tac Marines w/ plasma cannon

5 Tac Marines w/ missile launcher

5 Scouts, terminator homer, missile launcher. All have Infiltrate.

Typhoon Speeder w/ heavy bolter, assault cannon.

Land Raider Crusader, full of NOTHING!

Predator Annihilator, Las Sponsons, Power of the Machine Spirit

Devastator Squad w/ 1 Regular Marine, 2 Missile Launchers, 1 Lascannon, 1 Plasma Cannon

I had:
Heroic Senior Officer w/ power weapon, storm bolter
4 Guardsman w/ lasguns
1 Commissar w/ power weapon, storm bolter

Special Weapons team, 2 Sniper Rifles, 1 Flamer (I know, I know, it was a mistake. I brought the wrong model and had to make due.)

Heavy Weapon team, 1 Heavy Bolter, 2 Autocannons

8x Grenadiers
2x Grenadiers w/ plasma guns

8x Grenadiers
2x Grenadiers w/ meltas


Leman Russ Demolisher, lascannon, plasma cannons

Leman Russ Vanquisher, lascannon


Turn 1
He got first turn, nothing really happened. His Speeder moved up and removed 2 Spotters from my Special Weapon squad. As a side note, he forgot to Infiltrate his scouts, and they couldn't be used. ;D My gain. In addition, his Devastators fired at my Bassie, but were out of range by two inches.

My turn, a Bassie shot landed direct hit on the Assault Squad. There were no survivors. My Vanquisher shot his Landraider, and immobilized it, effectively removing it from the game. My autocannons blew his speeder out of the sky.

Turn 2
His turn, the Devastators started moving to get in range. His Predator Machine Spirit fired at my Demolisher , failed to do anything.

My Turn, the Bassie fired an Infernus shell into the center of his two tac squads, killed a couple and forced the larger one to fall back due to the Infernus rules. The Vanquisher fired at the Predator, but only managed to stun it again.

Turn 3
His Termis came in. Oh crap. They chose not to land in the midst of my army, fearing to fall off the board, and instead landed directly in front of it. Thank you... His Predator machine spirit stunned my Demolisher, which was to become a theme in the later game. Devastators failed to harm my Bassie.

My Bassie shot down a missile launcher Devastator, as well as the normal marine. My Vanquisher shot at the Terminators with an infernus shell, failed to kill any but made them fall back all the same. Snipers shot at the Termis, failed to do any damage. My heavy weapons also failed to do damage. In fact, I was about to hand over the turn when I remembered my Hellhound... one shot later, and one terminator was down as well as the Grandmaster sans one wound.

Turn 4
The Predator again stuns my Demolisher. The Terminators move up again to cover the ground lost in the previous turn, and the Devastators again fail to harm the weak frontal armour of my Bassie. (Lousy shots for "specialists.") These 3 units began to become my main targets for the rest of the game. His Termis assault my Hellhound and blow it up.

My Vanquisher forces the Termis to fall back again, killing none. My autocannons kill another terminator. My Bassie kills only Devastator. (Blasted scatter dice!) My plasma grenadiers move up and kill yet another terminator, but one gun also overheats and destroys the bearer.

Turn 5
His Devastators finally find their mark and blow off the main gun of my Bassie. His Terminators shoot at my plasma grenadiers kill 3, forcing them to fall back. His Predator finally blows up my Leman Russ Demolisher, which in a stroke of bad luck takes out pretty much everything near it, forcing the remainders to fall back off the board (this included my heavy weapon support teams) His tac marines pretty much kill off everything that wasn't my command squad, or a tank.

My Vanquisher fires at the Predator and stuns it (it was like all I could roll was 3's!). Nothing else I could really do.

Turn 6
His Terminators move toward my Vanquisher, although they are pretty far away.

My Vanquisher makes a last attempt to gains some VP's, but fails to kill any termis.

RESULT: His victory by 300 pts. Damn, I nearly had that one. Almost. I think one of the big mistakes I made this time was being to close to the board edge. A solid chunk of my army fled off the board because they were too close. I also kind of got this battle last minute, so I was grabbing everything I could find off my shelf and missed the stuff I should have taken. (Namely, more infantry.)

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