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Necromunda Campaign thoughts.
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Default Necromunda Campaign thoughts.

Me and a few mates have been trying to get a campaign of Necro together for a while now, but we only usually meet at GW where we can't play the specialist game we thought we'd give kill teams a try.

It's currently going well - people who already have a large collection can simply pick some choice models (we've all got famous grunts who manage to pull off something cool!) and run with it or those who with to start a new army will have an awesome command squad when they expand.

Win, win.

However, it sort of lost a bit of the charm that went with playing a full game of Necromunda. You no longer had the guy on his last legs fighting to the last, or seeing your guys grow and prosper as time went on.

We went away to consider some ideas, and this topic is about mine. Feel free to chip in.

Simple solution - play Warhammer 40k kill team rules, but include a few extras for the purposes of nostalgia.

The Necromunda rules to include:

- Injuries.

- Experience

- Serious injuries

- Trading

- Some shooting stuff

Works like in the necromunda book. However, just to speed things up, any more shots fired at the target next shooting phase means that the character is automatically dead. No two ways around it. FnP still works as before. You can ignore pain, but not the injuries.

Experience follows the usual system. However, every basic soldier starts at level 1 (or rather, the Juve level) and works up from there. Any model with the independant character rule gains 2 random advances or 1 hand picked advance to represent their experience (and to make up for the fact that they are worth half of your warband!). If any oddities arise whilst rolling then they either grant the ability from the Necromunda rulesbook (such as Parry) or if it really doesn't fit into the 40k rules then just re-roll. (such as the case of hurl opponent...)

The experience tables are taken from the warband that best represents the background for the gang (and yes, there has been plenty of fluff been thrown around for peoples warbands)

Serious Injuries
Works as per usual.

Works as per usual. However, the gangs starting stash is any remaining points from the purchasing of the gang +100 credits.

Shooting stuff

Everyone has a 90 degree fire arc.

Models can be hit if their head or torso can be seen. Any models crouch down have to have a reason - ie, they are snipers or the like.

A weapon with more than one shot more shoot at a second target if the second target is within 2" of the first target. Must declare when rolling which bullet is going where.

Gas grenades can be used. 'Cause they're fun

Smoke Grenades are placed via the small blast marker, any shooting through gets a 4+ cover save. Lasts for one turn.

Should Ammo Rolls be present?

Overwatch is present. Hiding is replaced by going to ground.

Thank you for reading.
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Default Re: Necromunda Campaign thoughts.

Ammo rolls should be very present.
Adds a whole dimension to things.

If your looking for a new thrill on the Nec scene, have you tried the Ash Waste setting? I've heard some good things about it.

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Default Re: Necromunda Campaign thoughts.

I would try and work out some hired guns. since it is 40k/necromunda merging then Things like rogue psykers, ogryns, kroot, death cult assassins would all fit in well. My game store never had the proper terrain for a necromunda game not enough multilevel terrain. So if you got a few really sturdy pieces of terrain that work well for necromunda then you might want to take them along too play.
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