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Random weapon destroyed result
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Default Random weapon destroyed result

The attacking player is the one who chooses which weapon is destroyed. In one game I played we worked out a system to randomly destroy a weapon. It requires a bit of iniative and common sense to use and varies with each vehicle.

basically, the attacking player rolls a D6 to find out which weapon is destroyed. What you have to roll depends on the strength of each weapon.


Dreadnought with multimelta and cc arm + storm bolter

1+2: Storm bolter
3+4; Multimelta
5+6: CC arm and storm bolter

So, what does everyone think?
Any comments?
Any suggestions?
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Default Re: Random weapon destroyed result

Looks good. Of course, you would have to create a new system for vehicles with 4,5, and 7 weapon systems.
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Default Re: Random weapon destroyed result

For four weapons use a four sided dice if you have one. There are of course balance issues and then people could abuse this by taking pintel mounts so their big guns do not die.
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Default Re: Random weapon destroyed result

If you have uneasy numbers of weapons (such as 4 or 5), assign one number for each weapon and reroll any other results. Problem solved.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Random weapon destroyed result

i think this is great, and I use a similar thing.
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