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Stonecutters Captain Szyslak
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Default Stonecutters Captain Szyslak

Alrighty, here we go again. Another Stonecutter special character. This time it's Captain (Moe) Szyslak.

[table][tr][td] [/td][td]Cost[/td][td]Ws[/td][td]Bs[/td][td]S[/td][td]T[/td][td]W[/td][td]I[/td][td]A[/td][td]Ld[/td][td]Sv[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Captain Szyslak[/td][td]125pts[/td][td]5[/td][td]5[/td][td]4[/td][td]4[/td][td]3[/td][td]5[/td][td]3(4)[/td][td]9[/td][td]2+/5+[/td][/tr][/table]

Weapons and equipment: Terminator Armour, Autoloading Combat Shotgun, Power Weapon
Dirty Fighter: Captain Szyslak is not exactly an honourable fighter and will use any opprotunity he gets to even the odds on his enemies. In each assault phase, the Stonecutter player may nominate one model in base contact with Captain Szyslak. That model loses 1 attack (to a minimum of 1). If the model has different types of attacks (ie. techmarine servo arm) the Stonecutter player may choose which attack is lost.
Fighter, not a Leader: Szyslak may be a ferocious fighter, but he is not a particularly inspirational leader. Captain Szyslak does not have the "Rites of Battle" rule
Keeper of the Brew: Captain Szyslak is responsible for the chapter's supply of alchoholic beverages during feasts and other occasions. Before battle, he has been known to share a few tankards with those under his direct command. Any unit joined by Captain Szyslak before the battle benefits from the Stubborn rule for the duration of the game, as does Szyslak himself.
Command Squad: Captain Szyslak may be accompanied by a Terminator Command Squad.
Autoloading Combat Shotgun: This weapon was specially crafted for Szyslak by the chapter's techmarines. It is a powerful short ranged weapon with a punch comparable to the combat shotguns used by most Astartes chapters, but with an improved rate of fire thanks to an automatic loading system.

Notes: This character is of course based on Moe Szyslak, the bartender from The Simpsons. First off, why does he have termie armour? Well, for one thing, in situations where I will be unable to use these house rules (ie. most of the time), I reasoned that the closest thing available in the marine armoury to a shotgun was the Storm Bolter (due to the assault 2). Since Storm Bolters are most often seen on terminators, he got a big suit of armour. Secondly, I think termie armour suits his brutal "bash your head in" approach. As for his special rules, Moe Szyslak certainly wouldn't be very inspiring. So I stripped out the Rites of Battle rule and swapped it for making people stubborn (they're drunk!). I added in the "Dirty Fighter" rule to represent Moe's barroom fighting style. It's not too powerful, -1 attack on one model, but it may keep someone from smacking the last wound off him. Finally, his pts value is that same as a Master with termie armour, a storm bolter and power weapon +5 pts. I figured Rites of Battle for Stubborn was an even swap, the extra 5pts is because I don't feel that with Stubborn, his reduced leadership completely balances out his Dirty Fighter rule.
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Default Re: Stonecutters Captain Szyslak

YES! This is the absolutely best character ever. Also, nice rules, not overpowering, yet fluffy.
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Default Re: Stonecutters Captain Szyslak

Very balanced... however, I'd love it if you made rule allowing you to gain Victory points from killing models in close combat, or something.

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I loved that line...
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Default Re: Stonecutters Captain Szyslak

Perhaps he could have a 'collect tab' special rule, causing all units around him, friend or foe, to take a leadership test :P

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