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Cityfight Deathworld Veterans
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Default Cityfight Deathworld Veterans

I was reading the Deathworld Army list the other day and saw were they say you can adapt it to fit other deathworld terrain.

I thought that it would be cool to have troops from a Deathworld that is completely covered in city. In the rules you could just replace the words jungle/woods with city ruins/rubble.

Then I started thinking about whether or not this would be fair for my opponents. City ruins and rubble already confer 4+ cover save, so that one deathworld veterans attribute wouldn't do me much good. Also, I would pay a steep price for flamers and such. Even with that though, I'm wondering if it would be unfair to my opponents (though obviously, I would need their permission to play the list), as Cities of Death imposes it's own restrictions on armies.

Any thoughts on the balance/fairness of this idea? I really like the fluff that's taking shape in my mind for these guys, and want to make sure they would be fair, when and if I collected an army of them.
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Default Re: Cityfight Deathworld Veterans

i had the same ideal, but then on our battle field we just littered it with jungles and building ;D
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