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Stonecutters Master of Sanctity Baracus
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Default Stonecutters Master of Sanctity Baracus

Ok, this is intended as sort of a half-joke (along with most of my stonecutter army). If anyone remembers The Stonecutter World Council included Orville Reddenbacher, Jack Nicholson, the original Bush, and Mr. T.

Mr T has been chosen to be the chapter's master of sanctity. However "T" is not exactly a great name for a marine. Therefore I am using the name of his character from the old "A-Team" TV show, Baracus. Obviously he's been modified to fit into 40k (ie given typical chaplain armament). It's pretty simple, mostly just a Master of Sanctity with a few fun lil special rules.

He costs 170pts and has the same profile as a Master of Sanctity

Weapons and Equipment: Bolt Pistol, Crozius Arcanum, Rosarius, Terminator Honours, Adamantium Mantle, Frag Grenades
Furious Charge: Baracus has the Furious Charge Universal Special Rule.
Bad Attitude: Baracus is renown for his toughness and skills in close combat and will fight until the bitter end, using his bare fists if necessary. Baracus never has his Weapon Skill, Initiative, Strength or Attacks reduced in any way when he is in close combat. This includes effects that would prevent him from using additional close combat weapons.
Hates Flying: Baracus and any squad he joins may never be transported in a Drop Pod or any other flying transport unless another character (Commander, Librarian or Chaplain) has also joined the squad (they can persuade him to hop aboard).
Command Squad: Baracus may have a command squad chosen as normal from the Space Marine army list. They may buy the Furious Charge Veteran skill, but no others. Since Baracus already has this skill he will not have to pay for it twice.
Litanies of Hate and Honour of the Chapter: See the chaplain entry of the army list
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Default Re: Stonecutters Master of Sanctity Baracus

That's funny.

There should be a rule about him having lower WS, BS, S, I & A for a full Turn after arriving via Drop Pod, Thunderhawk or any form of Deep Strike. After all, he had to be persuaded into it with a clever glass of milk - right?
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