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Alternate markerlight rules
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Default Alternate markerlight rules

There are several oddities in the current markerlight rules. A single markerlight hit can guide the weapons of an entire squad of fire warriors, but not of two adjacent fire warriors from different squads. Moreover, a single markerlight hit against a squad of dozens of individual creatures makes it easier to hit all of them, rather than just whichever one was hit. In an effort to resolve such issues, here's an alternate set of rules for markerlights:

Player A fires his markerlights at player B's squad, as normal. Player B may attempt a cover save against each hit, if applicable, but no armour or invulnerable saves. For each unsaved hit, player B must place a markerlight token next to a model in the targetted squad, selected from those within range and line-of-sight of the markerlights. No model may have more than one token next to it - any excess hits are lost.

If player A fires at this squad again, with other weapons, he has two options. Firstly, he may opt not to use the markerlights, in which case firing proceeds as normal. Alternately, he may opt to use the guidance of the markerlights - in which case the firing is resolved only against those models with markerlight tokens, treating them as a separate unit.

When using the guidance of markerlights, weapons ignore cover saves, and benefit from +1 to their user's ballistic skill. Any number of seeker missiles may be launched (but only at markerlit models, as normal). The markerlight tokens are left in place until the end of the shooting phase, when they are removed.

Obviously, such a major change in the rules would require some serious rebalancing, modifying unit costs throughout the Tau list. (Seeker missiles, in particular, would need to go up to 20 or so points.) Of more interest to me, however, is the change in the style of gameplay that this would cause. Markerlights would be invaluable against single, high-value targets like vehicles, but not big squads of little models like gaunts. A single model with a markerlight would be able to call in a devastating seeker missile swarm, making squad-leader markerlight much more significant. Pathfinders would still be useful, both for targetting medium-sized squads, and for ensuring that a light gets through against, say, a monstrous creature in heavy cover.

So, what do people think? Is it inherently unbalanceable? Is it more or less tactically interesting than the way markerlights currently work? How about realism, or intuitiveness?
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Default Re: Alternate markerlight rules

Honestly? I hate these rules. They're overly complicated and they radically change something that just isn't broken. Basically they make seekers much much better, but make using markerlights against small targets useless.

The markerlights are a very unique and interesting advantage the Tau get, and they have a really cool and well thought out (and balanced!) mechanic in the current rules. I wouldn't mess with. I my mind markerlights are pretty perfect as is, and are a big improvement over the 3rd ed codex.
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