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Transporting your models?
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Default Transporting your models?

What are you guys using to get your armies from Point A to Point B?

I mean, I've seen the article on the GW site about a magnetized display table, but I don't have the time, money, skill, or space for something like that. I'm using a tacklebox that I'm going to pad with crinkled newspaper, but this is only going to work until I get more than 20 models finished, heh.
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

If your talking about what I think your talking about, they sell a line of army transports which I use that are large enough for your to transport your whole army to games and the like. This is the case I use for most of my battles. You can fit about 2000 points of stuff in here depending on how you outfit it.


The next case I would recommend if you are big into armies like IG, is this one...


If you have a troop heavy army like eldar, here the case I recommend. Keep in mind the trays don't come with this one.


Heres one for just some small skirmishes at the local store. It's stackable too.


They also sell 3 inch trays to go into the case..


4 inch trays to go into the case.


And even a paint tray for your painting needs.


Well thats about it. All the foam trays are completely interchangeable and can be customised depending on what models you want to put in them. Hope this helps.

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Default Re: Transporting your models?

I suggest use what ever you can, just pad it very well. you can by carpeting foam cheap. cut it up and use that, I still use a plano tackle box w/ foam to pad. Recycle the foam in blister packs.

If you have a little money, I would recommend using the GW carriers for non vehicles, just the right size for individual models, or you can modify it by cutting the foam.

Gun cases are very good, drop by the hardware store you can probably find something you can use.

I am not saying the cases above are bad, I would just rather spend the money on the armies, than I would than the cases.
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

Haha, yeah, I'll keep those cases in mind in case I win the lottery... My Plano box and newspaper will do for now, I guess. Thanks though, I'll save those links.
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

Ice cream tubs and bubble wrap is what i use. Cheap and tasty. If your going to use your plano box, just use a load of random bits of bubble wrap.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

i use 4 various sizes of cardboard boxes with foam. i cut the foam up to fit my XV-8's in one of my boxes. And then they fit cleanly in my backpack with my codex.
Its my only option till i find anything better.
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

These are what I use.


Buying a good carrying case is a good investment. While it may sting to spend $30 just for a model transport, you only have to pay for it once and you've got something to carry your models in forever. I think the prices for carrying cases are very reasonable considering what we pay for GW products.
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

I paid a whole lot of money for my Army, and lots of valuable time to paint it. So I use this.

Well, I only have the BATTALION ARMYTRANSPORT bag. But I can carry 6000 Points! ;D

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Default Re: Transporting your models?

For years I used a plain old plastic toolbox stuffed with toilet paper. Cheap and if you do it right, it'll keep your models nice and safe. Plus you'll never have to scramble for a kleenex during a game!
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Default Re: Transporting your models?

Those Sabol ArmyTransport cases are BOSS. I CANNOT describe to you how awesome they are, just see one for yourself. If you're hurting money-wise you can get an empty one from the War Store for about $25 and then buy foam trays to drop in it as you grow.

Consider it this way. When you're done with a 2000 point army you've probably spent about $300~500 on it depending on the army. You've spent probably close to $100 on paints and brushes painting it and getting it looking spiffy. On top of all of that you've even paid $50 for a rulebook and $15 for a Codex FOR THAT ARMY. We're not even going to get into your time for painting it and modeling it but if we were going by the model I'd charge about $10 for assembly + base coat (primer + initial painting for you to detail yourself) per mini, $25 for a tank.

All of that will come to at LEAST a good $600~800. What's $50? Not even a 1/10th of the cost. Claiming it's expensive not just for the quality but even in comparison to how much you spent on the army sounds fishy to me.
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