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Need help with tau oriented cosplay
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Kroot Warrior
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Question Need help with tau oriented cosplay

Hello there.

Im on the lookout for a simple and "good-for-a-beginner" Tau Cosplay. My funds are limited to about 450 USD for this project. Im a beginner to making my own Cosplays but i have to try at some point and now i really feel that i can. The Fire Warrior, and a Drone has been one of many ideas, but I would love to get some inspiration, tips and how-tos on making this myself.

Mind you since I`m new i might have overlooked a thread identical to this, if that is the case then Im very sorry for the inconvenience.
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well, I shall give my two bits. This seems life a very fun challenge you have decided to undertake, and I wish you well on it. Based on a rendered pic I have found ( http://www.minifigcustomizationnetwork.com/forum/1728 ) you could probably start with black boots. For a low cost armor, start with a paper model until it gets too be pretty nice, then make it painted cardboard, or if you wanna be fancy, some plastic. Mind you, I am not an expert by any stretch of the word on cosplay, so...
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Kroot Warrior
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Thanks, for the tips and the photo. I have already done the Large Shoulder pad, and the knee and thigh pads in cardboard. I`ll post pictures when i have them painted ^_^
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