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Default Space Marine Codexicies

Hello there denizens of Tau Onilne. I'm just getting into War40k and I've heard tell that this is a very solid forum, despite the unsettling name. (You see, I don't like the Tau. My best friend plays the Tau and I can't seem to beat him. Emperour take his cusred Stealth Suits!) It's for this reason that I've come hear to ask a questions.

My question is:
Are you allowed to take different units from different Space Marine codexicies and field them as part of the same army?

You know- mix and match? My fiend claims that he's allowed to do it since they're all soldier of the Empire and will all stand against the darkness when the time comes or some such babble. I don't think he's allowed to, but as I said, he thinks he is. Can you guys tell me who's right?


If I'm wrong, can you just lie to me and tell me I'm right. =P

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Default Re: Space Marine Codexicies

Bassie, I'm glad you heard good things about this forum.

As for mixing and matching codexes, you're technically not allowed to. A tournament will disallow it. However, Games Workshop is very supportive of house rules and if you wish to mix them up then by all means go for it, but certain people may refuse to play since it opens a door for all sorts of nasty army lists.
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Baron Spikey
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Default Re: Space Marine Codexicies

Well thanks Chapter Master Spam, very helpful...

You are correct good sir, you can't mix and match units from different Codexes (Codeci?), with the exception of the ally rules contained in the Daemon/Witch Hunter Codexes but they're explained in those books.
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Default Space Marine Codexicies

hello every one

The codex is certainly flexible and effective. I don't have a problem with it's competitiveness. But it's also feels... unfinished. Like it was designed one way and then scrambled up a bit before release. In other ways it feels bloated. With too many units stuffed in certain FOC slots and not enough in others. Given how similar the Tyrannid codex feels, I'm inclined to think it's a Cruddice thing.
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hi I know im bringing up a past subject but in 6th edition 40k you can take allies and that is almost the same
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