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My army
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Default My army

I about to start playing just wanna see would this be a good 1500p army

1 Shas'o - 1 Flamer, 1 burst cannon, 1 shield drone, 1 multtracker 107 points
2 Shas'vre - 2 flamer, 2 burst cannon, 1 targeting array, 1 hardwire muilttacker 124 points

HQ, Command Squad total = 231 points

3 shas'ui 90 points
1 shas'vre with marker light 50 points

Elite, Stealth Team total = 140 points

11 shas'la 110 points
1 Shas'ui with marker light - 30 points

Troops, Fire Squad total = 140 points

19 Kroot - 133 points
1 Shaper - 28 points
1 Rider - 35 points

Troops, Kroot total = 196 points

4 Shas'ui with all four having targeting arrays - 460 points
2 Shas'vre with two targeting arrays, two target locks - 190 points

Heavy Support, Artillery total = 650

HammarHead with railgun, two burst cannons and flechette discharger

Heavy Support, Tank = 160 points

Grand Total 1517 points

Any feed back would be nice.

Note: Edit to remove individual point costs ----- IVEATCH
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: My army

ill throw in my two cents, feel free to correct me you guys as im sure not all of this is perfect.

Burst Cannons and Flamers on HQ Crisis Suits = gotta be within 18" which means you're not going to get to shoot until somethings practically within Charge range. Flamers are pretty lousy (cheap for a reason and only good against weak units with no saves), your better off taking a Burst cannon and a Missile pod so you have a 36" shot on EVERY turn instead of just waiting for the enemy to come within 18 inches of you. Hell if you shoot the right squad with 3 missile pod shots (2 dice per shot, one on each suit = 6 possible wounds total) you can knock out a few enemy troops, cause some Panic Tests... you might even blow up a vehicle!

Kroot advice:
Krootox Rider = no Infiltration for the Kroot which sucks. if you're going to just put a single squad of kroot on the board and NOT infiltrate them... you might as well just bring another Fire Warrior squad.
Bring kroot hounds before trying out a Krootox Rider. the key with the Kroot is to overwhelm, not rely on one 48" shot.

AT LEAST 2 SQUADS OF FIRE WARRIORS AT ALL TIMES. Youll soon find that Fire Warriors are the Tau's bread n butter. And for the love of God bring 12 instead of 11.

Heavy Advice:
-Be careful how you mix Broadsides and your Hammerhead, as it is the easiest way to waste painful amounts of points, especially in 1500 pts. Depending on the army you play, its pretty good to just bring one or the other. Hammerhead is great for the Railgun's ordinance shot, ideal for wiping out large, bunched together squads (Orks, Tyranids, Dark Eldar in particular). Broadsides are (in my opinion) the BEST firepower in 40k... period, devastating against enemy vehicles and even Independent HQs. Unless you're on a streak of rolling 1's and 2's, your Broadsides will seriously hurt whatever they hit.
-You can only take 3 broadsides per squad not 4. Target Lock is a MUST for Broadsides, target array is a waste (making a 3+ to hit a 2+ to hit is worthless, especially since their rail rifles are TWIN linked)
-Flachette DIscharger is another Special Issue weapon that is pretty much only good against Orks (like the Cyclic Ion Blaster). If you HAVE to put it on one of your vehicles, put it on your transports. If your letting units get into hand-to-hand with your Hammerhead, then you're doing something very wrong (unless they deep strike perfectly right for the HH)

Dont put a markerlight on your Stealth Suits. If you fire it, then you're not going to be able to move your extra 6" with Jump Pack rule. One Markerlight isnt going to do anything for you. If you want markerlights, bring 8 pathfinders with a marker drones (thats 9 markerlights instead of ONE).

Hope that wasnt too painful on the eyes!
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Default Re: My army

BillTheBody, please, read the Codex thoroughly and carefuly before giving advice, especially to newbies. I found a few statements in your post where I believe you are incorrect:

Broadsides need a 4+ to hit with their basic BS, which is the same as any other Battlesuit. You can only boost it to 3+ with the Targetting Array and the only way to get it to 2+ is by using a Markerlight token. They do not carry TL Rail Rifles, they carry TL Railguns, the same weapon as can be mounted on the Hammerhead's turret, though without the submunition rounds, not the weapon carried by Pathfinders or Sniper Drones.

Hammerheads do not have Ordnance blast weapons. The submunitions round is just a normal blast weapon.

Flechette Discharger is not a Special Issue weapon. It is vehicular wargear, with the exception of the special character Shas'O R'Myr.

Where did you get the information that a Stealth Team Leader is unable to Jump-Shoot-Jump with a Markerlight? XV15/25 are Relentless. Heavy weapons are no problem for them.

EDIT: I almost forgot, welcome to Tau Online, warlodr662, I hope you enjoy your stay. We try to maintain a friendly and helpful community here, so feel free to ask questions. I suggest that you read the forum rules and then browse through the forums, since you may easily find answers to questions you yourself would like to ask. Have fun.
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Default Re: My army

Alright warlord here's a few comments and suggestion.

1) HQ
Your bodyguard would be marginally more efficent this way
2 flamer
2 burst
2 targetting array
2 Hardwired multitracker.
Although why you want to put flamer and burst together for your HQ, I have no clue. Suits should be specialized for a specific role especially since you do not have other suits.

2) I agree with Billy drop the krootox and put kroothound ot infiltrate.

3) Your fire warrior teram is ok, I would give them a HW targetlock and consider a devilfish (with Disruption pod), because let's face it Static tau in 5th ed is suicide.

4) Get at least 1 more troop choice idf not 2 more. 2 troops in 1500 point is not the best move since you need them to control objective.

5)Consider getting pathfinder. Markerlight is pretty much mandatory now.

6)Your hammer head need at least a disruption pod. A multitracker would be preferable.

7) Your broadsides I assume it's 2 team of 2. Right? I would keep 1 Targetting array on 1 team and I would recommend you put a Advanced stabilisation system on the other for some mobility.

I got to agree with Watchdog, forget Bill's advice: At least the bit about Heavy and the markerlight, they are erroneous and will lead to confusion.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: My army

Watchdog; you believe these things are incorrect because they are. Simple noob errors on my part, im sorry. my errors did not come completely out of ignorance, im just too used to my own army selections (wargear taken, etc). i dont think any of my advice will make-or-break him, thought some of it was erroneous,

Rebuttals... go!:

ive just become used to using the word "ordinance" for the Large Blast Marker. bad habit i know :P. ive done this in tournament style games (saying that im going to use the hammerhead's 'ordinance' instead of single shot) without anyone formally correcting me, but much like getting used to saying "Orks" instead of "Orcs," these things take time to sink in.

railgun, rail rifle... i did the post very late at nite. mistype fail!

broadsides error: i always take 2 marker drones with my squad of broadsides. which is why im so used to hitting/wounding at different numbers (adding to BS, taking away cover, etc).

about the hammerhead/broadside ratio, im just speaking from my own experience i guess... i never know what army im going to play against each week and the last thing I want to see a Tau player do is invest points into an expensive Heavy unit/squad that doesn't see absolute and full usage.

sorry for the confusion though, just tryin to help!

Ork Warboss : "Why theez Tau no bring Krootz?"
Ork Boy : "Me not know, maybe Kroot eatz all th- ... OHH NOEZ!!!! COMMANDER FARSIGHT IZ HERE!"
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