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The beginning
Old 11 Feb 2008, 10:40   #1 (permalink)
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Default The beginning

I see tau online has just made yet another new board > >

Well this topic would be a good place to start, guys if anybody anonymous has anything they'd like to say about our humble forums post it in here, we won't bite!
On the other foot I think us members should tell all our fellow hobbyists about this site

As for my suggestion I reccommend dishing out karma's and smotes more frequently as whilst they're are people with low karma whom oft tribute to the forums wholesale are still punished for one mistake whilst idiots like me run around with fairly decent karma despite the fact that we have bad grammar to the bone
Praise wins people over, and smotes tell people off when they're wrong in short.

My two cents-Brassdaemon14
Welcome to the forums guests!!!!! Enjoy your stay! :-*

Nice post; +1 karma given - Tau Online

Quote from Bubgum: ... BrassDaemon isn't that stupid
Oh I assure you Bubgum I am

My instinct of selr-preservastion say: RUN! RUN AWAY!.... But I think my curiosity will win... AGAIn- quote Cmdrbonesaw
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Default Re: The beginning

While I love the forums I have to disagree, I don't contribute at all and the negative is well-deserved. But I'm somewhat of a masochist sometimes.

Warhams is serious business.
Originally Posted by Redbeard
Knowing the rules is not WAAC. Bringing tough lists is not WAAC. Acting within the scope of the rules is not WAAC.
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Old 11 Feb 2008, 19:32   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: The beginning

I say that we take no prisoners at all - if something seems to be going awry, lock it, delet it, whatever. Keep the lid on so things don't overflow onto the member portion of the forum.
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Old 19 Feb 2008, 17:13   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: The beginning

That's a good point I mean you hardly see any thread necromancy or pointless threads. I'd say that the organisational skills are pretty awesome with the mods and admin all being friendly yet firm.
"Ultimately the only person you have to answer to in the end is yourself"

"Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee, Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see"

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