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The Conclave of Asthar
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Default The Conclave of Asthar

Barely two centuries after Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade had finished, Grand Harlequin Cedhoradh had completed his task. He and his troupes had travelled to every Eldar stronghold throughout the galaxy to bring tidings, and to unite them for the largest gathering of its kind - the Conclave of Asthar. Located on an Exodite Maiden World, the closest thing the Eldar have to "neutral territory", there were hundreds of representatives of the Eldar race, and not just seers and commanders. Not all answered Cedhoradh's call, but most did - far more than had been expected, and when he surveyed the scene from the webway gate ahead of the standing stones he saw as diverse a crowd of his kin as he had ever seen. Hunters from Eth-aelas, Farseers from Ulthwe, Autarchs from Yme-Loc... Archons, too, cut-throats from the dark city of Commorragh. The corsairs as well made their presence known, including Prince Yriel of Iyanden himself, and Harlequins from all across the webway in great numbers. Graciously welcomed were those from Altansar, those who had been lost to the race, and while Maugan Ra was not present there were rumours - unsubstantiated, but probable - that a Phoenix Lord walked amongst them. Strangest of all was the delegation from Kianshemas - the darkest of the Dark Kin.

Cedhoradh had visited the Inferno of Tears personally, for he knew that venturing to such a planet could easily provoke contest and whoever went may not return alive. He did not wish that upon any of the Harlequins under his command. Despite their alignment with the brothers of their Great Enemy, those on Kianshemas were still Eldar and blood, as they say, is thicker, and Cedhoradh knew they had to at least be informed. Their presence, though, promoted unrest in the throng. An Autarch from Saim-Hann was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with an Archon of the Dark City, to better avoid one of Kianshemas' Darkseers, and neither of them seemed to mind. In fact, Cedhoradh had noticed the two share a glance that suggested "If he kills you first, your death will be avenged, brother." Such a sight, to see his people united, would warm his soul - but this meeting had a darker and grander purpose.

Events were being set in motion, and it was on this day that the Eldar race unanimously and unprecedentedly decided to push out in the largest act of aggression of their race since before the Empire was forged. The final war was beginning. No, that wasn't quite correct... the final war... had begun.
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