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The First Strike
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Default The First Strike

“Prince Yriel” The farseers voice echoed around the chamber, his spirit flaring around the room whilst his mind fought to find the answer he seeked. “Prince Yriel. Something is amiss”. A tear drop of blood ran down his cheek, the strain of the warp was obviously taking its toll on the ancient, his mind more use to the nuisances of controlling the Wraiths. “All. Is. Not. What. It. Seems.”
The voice echoed around the empty room. The Prince had already gone.
The Big Mek Spanner-Toof glanced again at the Wot-nots tied to his wrist, the pressure dial said 20 but he had definitely hit it more than that. Dents covered the rocket from tip to tip, wasn’t his fault that it didn’t work and hitting hit seemed to have little effect. Still it worked for Grots so why shouldn’t it work for this?

The fight for the Spanner-Toof asteroid can be played using the following rules. The game was not necessarily designed with balance in mind but more to tell the story of the Craftworld Iyandens attempt to reclaim the Shield of Khaine. The force can (and might need to) be adjusted in order to give the fairest result but we got mixed endings using the following set ups.

Eldar- Welcome Autarch, our time has finally come. The pieces of the puzzle are almost complete but there is still much work to be done. The Orks believe they have captured a certain magical “Trinket” that gifts them with power akin to our own runic protection, the scum believe that who-ever holds it has the power to re-align the stars, they are right.
Before Iyanden can align with the web way portals on the planets surface the outer-rim defences must be eliminated. Most of these have been dealt with by our noble rangers yet one... alludes us yet. There is a rocket based on one of the asteroids surrounding the planet, it belongs, apparently, to the Big-Mek Spanner-Toof, a lower level sentient creature not known for his intelligence. It is not favourable for us to remove him yet, but the rocket must be dealt with. Take a force and infiltrate the rocket-base, the so called “sentries” should pose no problem to a warrior of your calibre.

Forces- In this battle the Eldar force is composed of 1500 points as chosen from the Eldar codex (if you wish to replay this battle as another race feel free but ignore the Eldar special rules). The Force must consist of at least 2 Wraith units (Wraith guard or a Wraithlord).

Set-up- The Eldar starts in reserve but may move any of their forces on from the first turn from one of the short table ledges.
Note: The benefit here is countered by drawbacks later on.

Objective- The main Eldar objective is to destroy the Rocket then withdraw their forces successfully in order to achieve complete victory. There are two ways to destroy the rocket.
1) If there is a farseer in base contact with rocket then it may be targeted as an Av14 Vehicle by any unit on the board.
2) If all farseers are dead then you may attempt to destroy the rocket anyway but face the chance of the rocket going nuclear. Roll two dice every time the rocket is penetrated by an Eldar weapon, if an 10+ is rolled then the rocket is destroyed safely. If a score lower than 3 is rolled the rocket goes nuclear, apply a S10 hit to every Model on the board.

Withdrawing- Once the rocket is destroyed the Eldar must move their forces off the short table edge they came on from. Units that touch the edge fall-back and are safe, they do not take part in the rest of the game.

Orks- (More fluff to come)

Forces- The orks have 1000 point to spend on units found inside the Ork codex.

Sentries- The Orks use sentries as described inside the 4th edition rulebook. These sentries can be targeted using Mind war but if the test is failed then the grot sounds the alarm. The alarm is also sounded on a 4+ if the sentries are killed by shooting or CC (any other method of sounding the alarm are in the rulebook but these one were changed due to the nature of our small table).

Kill The Ghosts!- If the Eldar player is left with no Wraith units (either in reserve or on the board) then it counts as a win for the orks (if the rocket is still alive) or a draw (if it is destroyed).

Stompa!- There is a stompa just outside the ork camp. Once the alarm is sounded roll 2d6 if you roll a 12 a stompa appears on the board edge opposite the Eldar.
Note: This is optional depending on the players preferences.

Space Marines- (Fluff later)

Forces- The space marine have 1000 points to spend on forces found in Codex: Space Marines.

Strike From the Skies- The space marine force starts rolling for reserves as soon as the rocket is destroyed needing a 5+ to come on straight away (unless due to special rules). Space marines that deep-strike only scatter d6 inches but may still not assault (Vanguard can choose to use Heroic intervention instead of this rule and assault when landing).

The head of the snake- The aim of the space marines is to kill the leaders of this Eldar- raid. To achieve their objective they must eliminate two HQ choices. (Or one if the Eldar player only takes one).

Uneasy Alliance- The Orks and Space Marines are not concerned with each other’s activities so do not need to engage- the primary target of theirs is the Eldar. (Our players kept wiping each other out. :P)

Hope You enjoy, Thanks for Reading.

Thats it

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Default Re: The First Strike

I meant to do this earlier. Here, have a point for Iyanden =)
Originally Posted by Restayvien
Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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