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Strange GW scenarios
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Default Strange GW scenarios

I headed up to my local games workhop today for a hope of normal gaming. What I got was a little unexpected.
One of the guys who worked at the store convinced me to play a kill team battle in a board that was going to use tunnels. So in other words no J packs, cant move on high ground and the usuall tunnel stuff. When we began playing they explained that we were climbing through a section of sewer below a imperial hive city. this is where it gets interesting. In the sewer there were what became to be called "poo cannons" (named by me)along the walls
and "poo gas" in some of the more open areas of the board. The "poo cannons" in the first game were S3 AP3. they ended up claiming 75%* of all casualties on the board. The "poo gas" was nugles rot and that killed about 5% of the casualties. In the second game the "poo cannons" were S6 AP6 and the "poo gas" remained the same. the poo cannons claimed 20% of all casualties and the "poo gas" claimed 70% of casualties.
This scenario was pretty fun even though a little childish. Also in the second game almost everyone was using famous Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes in his voices which made it even more funny.

Tell your stories of weird GW scenarios or things they do to you mid battle to even out a slaughter.
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Default Re: Strange GW scenarios

Originally Posted by Delightfully Emo
Tell your stories of weird GW scenarios or things they do to you mid battle to even out a slaughter.
Played a game on the weekend where the local fauna (Dinosaurs) were quite dangerous to life and limb, sorta like watered down carnifexes. Each turn there was a dice off to see where they went. Next time I think they should be random.
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