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Gas warfare
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Old 15 Sep 2005, 15:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default Gas warfare

Has their ever been gas warfare in the 40k universe?
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Default Re: Gas warfare

Every 30 seconds.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Gas warfare

Would not be too effective. Gas masks and stuff. Even orks would have something
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Default Re: Gas warfare

The first two editions featured hallucinogenic and virus grenades, and the old neuro-disruptor pistol. These types of grenades did not work on models wearing aspect armor, power armor, or equivalents.

Having your opponent play a 'Virus Outbreak' card on an Imperial Guard/Ork player often won the battle the very turn it was played. And Harlequins vs. those armies was a long string of Halluncinogen effect table rolls.

I'm glad those rules are gone.

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Default Re: Gas warfare

I tend to think that toxic gas-based weapons are somewhat outdated on the 40k battlefield.* Tyranids, Orks, Necrons, and Space Marines are largely immune.* Eldar and Tau used sealed suits for the most part, and Imperial Guard are likewise generally well-equipped to deal with it.* Exceptions exist, such as some Chaos and Tyranid weapons, but I believe its use by other armies would be too rare to warrant specific rules.
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Default Re: Gas warfare

Nothing stops a "WAAAAGH" like baskies with shells that spew corrosive gass.
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Default Re: Gas warfare

I'm glad they removed the gas part of the game.

Just imagine:
Player 1: how come you have so little forces?
Player 2: Cuz' I spent most my points on something big.
Player 1 ( thinking): I guess he must have tooled up his commander...
5 turns later
Player 1: Yes, his forces are almost dead ;D
Player 2: Guess what.
Player 1: What?
Player 2: You lose!!!! ;D
Player 1: What do you mean ?
Player 2:Viral outbreak!!
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Default Re: Gas warfare

naah, Gas warfare was banned at tournaments when they found out that Taco Shop take out wasnt a great idea with a game that tends to last 4 hours.... ( :P get it?? refried beans joke!)
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Default Re: Gas warfare

Yeah, thanks for that.
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Default Re: Gas warfare

The Inquisition uses psyk-out warheads in orbital strikes, which is a "fallout" attack against psykers.

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