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40K Lizardmen.....
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Default 40K Lizardmen.....

...apologies if this has been done, I couldn't see it when I searched.

I was wondering how to do a Lizardman outfit in 40K, maybe a la EE Doc Smiths Velantians (hi tec lizards), or Harry Harrisons "East of Eden" novels (bio tech lizards). I thought the Lost and the Damned list might be an interesting one to use as it gives me heavily armoured, lighter armoured shooty types and horde types, as well as lots of other stuff to adapt.

Just got to work out how to put tails on the CSM.........
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Default Re: 40K Lizardmen.....

chaos lost and the damned use loxatl mercenaries.they could be modelled with lizardmen.
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Default Re: 40K Lizardmen.....

Erm howza bout a pure Kroot force?
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Default Re: 40K Lizardmen.....

There has been a lot of work on 40K lizardmen at one stage, try here.
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Default Re: 40K Lizardmen.....

here is good too.
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Default Re: 40K Lizardmen.....

Originally Posted by Wargamer
here is good too.
Thanks, that is really good stuff...I think it would be quite easy to shoe-horn the Slann ideas into a Chaos/LATD list and get a close enough flavour to what the Slann guys re trying to achieve. Must see if I can pick up any of the figs on eBay, or modify Tau for the LaTD "IG" component. I think I'll use GW skinks for Slann skinks though. The Defiler lends itself to being a Stegadon, and put Rough Riders on Pterasuars....need to think about what the Saurus Space Marines will look like......

Hmmm.....this is going to be a fun conversion army I think...
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Default Re: 40K Lizardmen.....

I know a guy who plays Slann Tau... ;D
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