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FAQ - 40 K
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Old 13 Sep 2005, 04:17   #1 (permalink)
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Default FAQ - 40 K

Does any one know whether they have released an FAQ on the 4th ed Rule book yet?
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Default Re: FAQ - 40 K

Nope. And no real plans to as far as I know.
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Default Re: FAQ - 40 K

There are FAQ's on how the 4th ed rulebook interacts with other previous codices, but I have yet to see an FAQ for clarifying things in the rulebook itself.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: FAQ - 40 K

Why would we need it? There are no real problems with the "rulebook" rules. Only with the 3rd ed. codex ones, because of names of rules changing with 4th edition. Like sweeping advance.

I think the rules we have now are a better set than the 3rd edition ones. And the most difficult rules are explained in the rulebook with examples.
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Default Re: FAQ - 40 K

There are problems with the rulebook. It's very vague and only explains rather simple situations with the examples.
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