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Another rules question.
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Default Another rules question.

I've been looking for a page in the BBB or in a faq to reference for the idea that you can't shoot through a unit of say infantry models lined up base to base with no gaps through the ranks to hit a second infantry squad of the same size category. However I am unable to find one can anyone bring a page reference to support or counter this idea?
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Default Re: Another rules question.

Page 20 - "Enemy models can be ignored for line of sight purposes." Exceptions are listed, and a group of models bunched together is not one of them.
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Default Re: Another rules question.

SOunds like a bit of confusion between thrid Edition and Fourth. In the old rules enemy troops block what ever was behnd them save vehicles I believe. unbde the new rules it's possible to shoot past them, but you must first take a leadership test.
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