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The Gods of 40K
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Default The Gods of 40K

40K is ruled over by four Great Powers, each more frightening and terrible than the last. They go by many names, but their four True Names are things of pure evil. They are Chance, Fate, Skill and Luck.

[ % ][/size]
Chance is the Lord of Numbers. His Number is 100, and his favoured followers are those of the Guard, or the Hoard army; any force that relies of statistical averages to ensure victory. His symbol is the percentage.

Chance deals in absolutes. Hit anything enough times, and it should go down. His plans and machinations are a series of 1s and 0s, black and white with no shade of grey. Unfortunately, this is also his greatest weakness, for in small scale his control is very limited.

Chance's nemesis is Skill, a bieng of randomness and unplottable contemplations. What infuriates him most is that Skill often uses Chance for his own aims.

Chance is probably the weakest of the Gods of 40K, but those who know his power can use it well, and more often than not feel cheated when Chance's designs do not play out, especially if they fail regularly.

[ |1| |1| ][/size]
Fate is the Bringer of Curses, the God whose destiny is to crush the hopes and ambitions of the warriors. Every time your Khorne Berzerkers die on Guard Bayonets, every time your Land Raider blows up because of a turn 1 missile launcher, every time you roll snake-eyes for your Deep Strike scatter roll, it is because of Fate.

Fate has no followers, for all universally loathe him. However, he likes Powergamers, whose armies are sickening imbalanced. Fate cannot play fair, because he is appaulingly bad at playing, so much use every cheezy gimmick possible along with his curses. His symbol is Snake-Eyes; two dice showing 1s, and his sacred number is 1.

Fate is inescapably linked with Luck, for what is misfortunate for one is beneficial to the other. As such, he loathes Luck with a passion, and seeks to crush her whenever he can.

Fate can be summoned in many ways, but the most ancient of cries is the cursed prayer "anything but a 1!".

[ ! ][/size]
Skill is the Thinker, the Maker of Plans and the God of Tactics. Skill manipulates the strands of random chance and fate, collecting them into seemingly incoherant patterns that suddenly snap together with crippling results.

Skill's number is infinity, for there is no limit to his ingenuity. His symbol is the spark of inspiration, represented by an Exclamation Mark.

Skill makes use of Chance whenever he can, and if he could would break him to his will. As such, Skill and Chance are opposed, for even Chance is not completely certain; such imperfections can ruin the plans of Skill.

Skill is elusive and ever-changing. The servants of Fate have little of Skill's blessing, whereas the servants of Luck are often blessed well by Skill. The followers of Skill usually command weak or obscure forces, so as to better display the blessings the God of Tactics has bestowed unto them.

[ |6| |6| ][/size]
Known often as "The Lady", as it is considered bad luck to call her by name, Luck is a fickle mistress, but when she chooses to bestow her blessings, they are wonderful to behold.

Luck's number is 6, and her symbol is two dice, showing 6s.

The followers of Luck command obscure lists that, by the laws of Chance, should never win. However, it is through the blessings of The Lady, and usually through her ally, Skill, that they triumph. The Lady despises Fate and his Powergamers, for to her they represent little more than lengthy dice-rolling, and give no chance to express her gifts. However, she is inescapably linked to Fate, for what benefits one hinders another.

Luck is an ally of Skill, though not always. Such is the fickle nature of Luck.
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K

Hahahaha I love it. Although I have a bad feeling that I'm a follower of Luck and Chance... ulp. That's what I get for worshipping Tzeentch, I guess.
And it's so true. Especially the "Anything but a 1" essential roll. Unless, of course, its being rolled by somebody else and it's "anything but a 6."
You don't have more, do you?

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Default Re: The Gods of 40K

lol nice, I still like Gork and Mork over that lot though ;D
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K


Totally awesome!.

Not really much more to add, just thought I'd show my appreciation.

Id definatley be a follower of '!'.
Brunettes and Beer.
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K

Chance all the way, dude!

No love, it's GREAT Britain....the clue's in the name

Thanx to Kais for the sig
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K


genius wargamer. sheer genius.

now hurry up, and finish lord of the necrons...

*two thumbs up and a round of applause*
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K

;D i luv it too!

needs one more.. i dunno what to call it, but its the dogma that painted armys simply play better.. which they certainly do! time and blood? superglued fingers?? crossed eyes?? goblin green tongues?? lotta homages to this gawd! he needs representation! :P
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K

I use Guard but I worship !
Beware the guardsmen who charge the genestealers. They may win.
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Default Re: The Gods of 40K

The Four Gods mentioned are the Gods of Battle. Next I shall do the four Army Gods; Archive, l33t, Glamour and Lore.
Farewell, Kangaroo Joe, you shall not be forgotten.

Originally Posted by Tom Norman
"Wargamer is never wrong, Frodo Baggins; he knows precisely the rules he means to."
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