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flee markets
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Default flee markets

one day i was going to my local gw but i was to early so i went to a flee mart right beside and there ,theres a guy how says he can give me a warrhammer 40k for olny 60 bucks im like wtf i can buy a new 1 for 45 bucks from gw
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Default Re: flee markets


Dude, don't take this the wrong way, I'm just trying to help you out....but this forum has a spellcheck feature. Please take the time utilize it in the future so it doesn't take us a couple reads before we can decipher what you are saying. Once again, no offence, it just makes things easier.

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Default Re: flee markets

Yeas, this will happen. Some people will try to make a profit this way, and you know what? It sometimes works too. There are people out there who will find out about this stuff from the box they buy from him, and they'll get ripped off until they discover a better source.

Moral of the story, shop around.

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Default Re: flee markets

Just a question but what is a warhammer 40k? (I'm think your talking about the rulebook? Maybe not)
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