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Where do you play?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Where do you play?

mostly at GW but when i get to know people round each others houses
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Default Re: Where do you play?

Originally Posted by Tau101
mostly at GW but when i get to know people round each others houses
Honestly I don't like the atmosphere around in these GW stores. I'm more the hobbyist and I feel alone under freaks when they have nothing else than talkin about any rules. But, no I'm not absolutly alone. Often the ones made to listen actually don't know what the 'opponent' is talking about. Have I to know every SM special rule or to listen to any powergamer weapons constellation? I like small hobby clubs more, where you know each other and everyone knows that you don't know everything or don't want to know it.
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Default Re: Where do you play?

Numerous private clubs (currently 3) and at home. Dusseldorf, Germany
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: Where do you play?

I play at a local hobby shop called "Die Monster Games" in LaVale, MD. It's fairly large, at least compared to what it used to be - a 20'x10' nightmare. There are usually anywherre from 2-4 games going on, and we usually get moved around on tuesdays due to "Yu-gi-oh! Night". Good staff, a ........"diverse" group of gamers, and a couple cool tables. It's where I usually hang out as it's only an eight-minute drive.
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