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Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.
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Default Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

Mine was during my first game.
My first time ever playing 40k the guy told me his Grey Knights had Jump Packs and Jump packs let you move 24 inches in the move and 24 in the assault.
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

That's a pretty massive move.

I haven't seen any cheating to that extent, or even rarely. Mostly just rules misunderstandings, but nothing malicious.
Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

*goes back through 30 pages of threads for the forum* Hmm, guess it really has beens ome time since there was a thread on cheating. I didn't think it had been that long(over ten months at least)...

Anyhow, only really have heard of two cases of cheating. Neither had to do with so blantatnly changing the rules, just the dice and a measuring stick.

The first case was one guy who made weighted dice. He hallowed out the pip on the one and put a drop of soder in the hole and painted it over. People cbecase suspicious because they rolled rahter oddly. Finally someone decided to test one by dropping it in a glass of water. Now a normal dice will tumble as it falls through the water as all sides are equal weight. His turned so the one was down and sank straight the whole way.

The other involved one of the measuring sticks that come in the GW games. One guy apparently used the oven to soften one and stretch it out a bit further. he was only caught when he left it behind at the store one day and the store mamager noticed the diffrence in length between that one and the rest they had.
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

May be an urban myth but there is supposedly a company that sells tape measures that each inch has an extra tenth of an inch on it and you can buy it with the GW label among others. They used to check at my old store.
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

A Tau player at my local hobby shop doesnt glue the guns on his crisis suites. Then when he moves them they fall off and he just picks up 2 random ones that happen to be the most useful to him at that moment and says they are the ones that model was using.

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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

That's pretty bad... he needs to be given a present of some blu-tack, or beaten over the head until he buys some magnets.

So far I haven't seen any excessive cheating... I guess I'm blessed with a good gaming group.
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

i like the farcicle one on TSOALR (turn Signals On A Land Raider):

the Dicenator: the guy that counts up all his shots for the turn, throws out that many dice, and says "ok... these 4 6s are Rending hits from this Autocannon.... These 10 4s and up are hits from my Devastator Squ..."

;D thats SOOOoooo funny if it isnt true!
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

I guess I´m lucky in the sense that as far as I know, no-one in our club has cheated, or tried to cheat. There have been few times when people foget rules (I had to remind a beginning ork player about the mob check rules) or misunderstood them (the necron player who said his Lord was armed with particle whip.), but
otherwise the games have been surprisingly fair and nice.

Also, I have often pointed out some rules or things in game to my opponent, that end up hurting me. But I see it better to have the other player learn the right way to play, and even if I give them notes that help them, I can still win. I guess it´s more that I always have to tell how rules go if I see someone play wrong. I´m one of those annoying guys who observe the game and halt it every turn by saying, "actually, that´s not how it goes. It´s like this..." (and sometimes make a fool out of myself by being wrong)
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

my first game started like this: "and that guy has 2 twin-linked inferno pistols which also count as 4 thunder hammers, Toughness 10, Jetpack, 9 wounds, and he has a 2+ invulnerable, armour, and cover save." manager comes over and says "don't be stupid"... little creep plays whole game correctly, pouting...
Originally Posted by Aloh´Ta
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Default Re: Worst case of cheating you have ever seen.

I played this guy recently how was a complete idiot, yes it was his first time in the sunday club but he didnt have a codex didnt know any of the rules and when I asked him a question like whats their save he wouldnt tell me. He didnt have an army list, wanted to just line up and play instead of roling for a misson, wanted no terrain at all and when he didnt know a rule and I told him he didnt listen. He also went around saying that tau are crap and pathetic and making fun of them. He claimed dice rolls were different. He had no Hq. In the end I just packed up my stuff and walked away. Not exacly cheating but . . . . . .

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