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7 Players- Battle report
Closed Thread
Old 26 Aug 2005, 06:10   #1 (permalink)
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Default 7 Players- Battle report

Okay, last night i went to my local gaming night, Where i ended up playing 6 other armies. 6!.
Heres a short battle report for anyone interested. Sorry about the list but it will be just the base units the armies had as i dont have the army lists they used. All armies in the end totaled around 1500... We had some Newbs playing so we made it easy on them.

Story line (made up on the spot)
6 Armies somehow make their way to a deserted and crumbled old city, A small but powerful chaos force (me) is taking refuge in the ruins of Astrath, a building with absolutly no significance to anyone.As more forces arrive the battle heats up and allies turn on each other (the 3 SM forces and the 2 CSM forces) as the fog of war kicks in and no one knows whats going on. Bugs, Xenos and things wearing power armour fight to the death over this worthless peice of land.

A- Space Marines~ Ultramarines
6 man Devestator squad
2x 5 man tactical squads
10 man battle squad
1 force commander
8 Scouts
5 assault marines

B- Space Marines~ Blood Angels (Death Company)
1 Chaplin w/ Assault pack
10 assault marines
(the above ended up being the death company)
2x 5 man tactical squads
2x 10 man battle squads
1x commander w/ retinue
5* grey knight terminators (inducted)

C- Space Marines~ Blood Ravens
1x Land raider
1x Razor back
1x Dreadnought
1x Terminator libarian
1x Force commander
10 man battle squad
5 man tactical squad
5 man terminator squad
4 man assualt marines

D- Tyranid
3x Carnifex
12x Genestealers
6x Worriors

E- Kroot mercs
2x 6 man kroot squads w/ shaphers
1 master shaper w/ 2 hounds
(This player was allowed to respawn his force 4 times and was given invulnerable saves)

F- Chaos Space Marines~ Iron Warriors
1x Vindicator
1x land raider
1x dreadnought
2x 10 man Marine squads
1x Havoc squad
1x Choas lord w/ 5 chosen marines
5x Terminators

G- Choas Space Marines~ Alpha legion gifted marines (my army)
1x lord (fully tooled)
1x leuitenant (fully tooled)
2x Obliterators
2x 6 man marine squads
5 Chosen Aspiring champs (fully tooled)

7' x 7.5'
Mild city terrain with a couple of ruins and some hills
Small river in one corner with bunker behind for a camping army
2 buidlings , one in oppisate corners of the same side corner and 1 ruins in the middle

Placement rolls
A- 1
B- 6
C- 5
D- 5
E- 3
F- 2
G- 6

Placement area
A- Took a largish building in a corner
B- Took a Hill with some small ruins in the centre side of the table
C- Took the other corner building (tower)
D- Took a large hill with minimal ruins
E- an openish area with some small ruins
F- took the area behind the stream
G- The ruin in the centre! (bloody swaping rolls, ohh well)

Turn rolls:
Well the order in which i listed the armies is the order of play, the play went clockwise around the table

The Game Begins
A- Turn 1
~The Predator moves up into a covering position for a tactical squad.
~The Tactical squad take cover behind the rhino as it moves up along side the predator
~Assault marines move to engage Death company marines
~ Predator fires everything it has at the Iron warrior land raider and ends up taking out a Las-cannon sponsoon
~The Assault marines loose a few rounds off at the deathcompany wounding 2 but the saves were made
~ Devastator squad sitting on top of the building shoots 2 lascannons at the Iron Warrior Land Raider, both miss
~Rhino shoots stormbolter at death company but misses
~ Assault marines move to engage Death company in HtH. The end result being the death of all assault marines and one death company marine
~Death company consolidates 4" toward Ultramarine tactical squad

B- Turn 1
Pre phase rules- Blood rage
only 1 squad gains blood rage and ends up moving a massive 1" with it
~ Death company fly over to within 6" of A's tactical squad
~ The tactical squads move up together toward the Blood raven Battle squad
~ Las cannon from command squad launches a beam of highly charged energy at nothing in particular
~ Bolter fire from anything holding one rages out in all directions, 1 ultramarine dies and 2 blood ravens go down
~ The plasma gun from the command squad follows the same path as its lascannon.
~ Deathcompany attack! the tactical squad and absolutly obliterate it. Then consolidate 2"

C- Turn 1
~ His bad positioning allows him to only move the razor back, his HQ choices and 1 tactical squad. these all move toward the silent giants. the carnifexes. (yes he is one of the newbs)
~ Devastator squad, Razor back, Land raider and Dred all launch what could reach into one of the Fexs taking it down to 2 wounds
~ A squad of marines loosens some rounds off at B's command but they do nothing.
~ nothing happens

More on this pointless game shortly.

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Default Re: 7 Players- Battle report

D- Turn 1
~Eveything moves in the general direction of the blood raven
~2 Venom cannons blow a stack against the razorback and immobalise it
~Being just out of assault range the Nids stand there ground.

E- Turn 1
~ The master shapher and hounds move up to engage the 5 Alpha legion Chosen threatening the small party of kroot
~ The 2 squads of kroot move up to get in behind the Nids
~ The shapher shoots at the Chosen but fails to wound
~ 1 squad of kroot shoot the rear carnifex but to no avail
~ The shapher attacks the chosen but he gets run down after failing the combat and dies.... to respawn next turn

F- Turn 1
~ The Drednought moves up over the small shallows in the stream.
~ Las cannons, Missile launchers and Heavy bolters rage out against the Ultramarines totaling both the predator and the rhino and crippling half of the devastator squad on the building. They also get another prize.... the dred is no longer useable having all its weapons destroyed and immobalised.
~ 14 bolters open fire on the squad of alpha marines in the ruins but none of the shooters could hit the broadside of a land raider
~ Nothing happens

G- Turn 1
~Obliterators move out of hiding and come into veiw of the blood angels and the Iron warriors
~Chosen use their speed to come within 6" of the shapher
~The obliterators launch a volly of heavy bolter fire into the blood angel lines killing 3 of a tactical squad.
~ The chosen rapid fire their bolt pistols and kill the shapher
Nothing is in range of assault

A- Turn 2
~Nothing moves
~ The Devastator squad fizzles and curses as nothing hits the blood angels it targeted
~The last of the marines on the ground and the command squad run into the Death company only to be destroyed, 2 more death comapny marines die.
The company mariens consolidate 3"

B- Turn 2
no units get blood rage
~ More tactical marines run around.
~The death company shoot what they have at the dev squad on the building- all hit- all wound- all saved
~ The Plasma cannon shoots at one obliterator killing himself istead (crack- bang)
~The death company rages into the dev squad and ends up loosing 2 marines while the dev squad looses 3

C- Turn 2
~still stuck only the drednought moves
~ The dred shoots at the closest fex causing one wound.
~ the razorback shoots at the same one causing another wound
~ Newbs never learn....... He sends the 3 man tactical squad into the stealers only to die. non of the stealers die.

D- Turn 2
~ The Fexs split up, 2 moving for the blood ravens and the other moving back for the kroot.
~ the stealers move up with the 2 fexs for a nice feast of power armour.
~ The cannons from the wrriors destroy the razorback
~ The 2 Fexs move to engage the dread and total it, one looses a wound
~ The stealers engage any other marines in the area the fight is fairly even.... 7 stealers die whilst 5 marines die.

E- Turn 2
~The Kroot move up to fight off the Nids
~The kroot shoot at the fexs to no avail again
~ The Shapher comes back and assualt the chosen (again) and ends up wounding 1 but it dies (again)

F- Turn 2
~Termies deep strike infront of one of the obliterators
~ Dread moves over the rest of the bank
~ Havoc squads launch round after round into the CSM squads in the ruin but cant hit anything
Bolter rounds fly into the building with the combat between ultramarines and the death company, ends up killing 2 ultramarines.
~ Termies shoot sotrm bolters and reaper auto cannon into obliteraotr but non wound
Nothing happens

G- Turn 2
~Lord runs out of cover into 6" of the termies
~ Leiutenant runs out and takes cover behind a small ruin inbetween the Nid and the Blood raven forces
~ Chosen run to kill the kroot squad
~ The marines launch some bolter rounds into the iron warriors, killing 2
~ The oblits blow the Iron warrior dread to hell and back
~ Chosen kill all but 3 kroot from the squad
~ Chosen run in and whipe out the last of the kroot squad
~ Lord slams into the UIron warrior termies and kills 4 of them

Turn 3- will be done tomorrow.... hope you enjoyed

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Default Re: 7 Players- Battle report

Well as promised here is Turn 3 , 1am in the moring and many cups of coffee later

A- Turn 3
Without much to do but pray.... The ultramarines find themsleves with only an assault phase.
~ The last of the marines fight in a bitter attempt to destroy the death company....... they fail. All of the Ultramarines are dead! all of them!

Player A leaves the building

B- Turn 3
2 squads gain blood rage, one moves 1" the other 2" (hopless rolling)
~with all of the ultras dead the closest units happen to be the aplha marines in the middle of the table sitting in ruins. But these are not a threat... The termies, Death company and Tactical squads move to begin fighting the iron warriors.
~ The rest of the army peel away to fight the ragged and torn remains of the Blood Raven.... Termies and the HQ choice... The rest is tied up with the Nids
~ Shooting the only thing in range, the alpha obliterator gets hit 13 times, gets wounded 7 times and saves all of the bolter rounds pummeling into it.
~ The command squads las cannon shoots... again... and misses... again...
~The rest of the Marines engage the Blood raven and suffer gretly against the termies, but reclaim the hold on that area

C- Turn 3
~The Dev squad shoots its heart out at the oncoming Nids, slaughtering the remaining stealers.
The last of the marines die in the comat phase but do manage to get rid of one fex (with a great amour of luck).

D- Turn 3
~ the two remaining fexs scale the tower walls to engage the dev squad that ridded the force of the stealers.
~ The warriors turn towards the last kroot squad and open fire killing them all.
~ The two fexs rampage the dev squad killing all of them.

Player C leaves the match in dispare.... didnt do to bad for a newb though...

Player E leaves the game due to bladder problems.... he still had 1 respawn left

F- Turn 3
~ one of the squads of marines take up a position just beofore the crossing over the stream ready to engage the Deathcomapny
~Vindicator launches a round across the board into one of the Fexs, killing it
~Bolter rounds fly over too the deathcomapy and one dies
~ The reamining shots are used against the GK termies... non wound
~The remaining Termie dies of lightening claw attacks from the alpha lord.

Player D Resigns and goes home

G- Turn 3
~The marines make their way toward the big holes in the ruined building they are in
~ The obliterators slowly move, one moving for the iron warriors, the other for the Tactical marines of the blood angels
~ The lord moves to engage the Iron warrior lord, sitting on one wound the alpha lord dosnt last long in the assault phase but does kill two chosen
~ The marines fire their weapons at the oncoming bood angels killing 3 and wounding the commander
~ The obluiterators then kill 2 blood angels and 1 iron warrior
~ The Lord moves into combat amd as stated above is killed... but kills 2 chosen

There is turn 3... and im going to turn in.
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Default Re: 7 Players- Battle report

Now for Turn 4

B-Turn 4
No squads gain blood rage
~ The death company Move over in a great diversion, toward the Iron warriors, this trick left me wide open
~ The Terminators move up into firing range
~ Tactical marines run every where, one squad to the left, the other to the right jheading for the Alpha marines
~ The Lascannon in the command section shoots, and kills the Blood Raven libarien (was a handy kill as well)
~ Storm bolters rage killing 1 Iron Warrior
~ Tacticals shoot, dont kill any Aplha marines but knock out 1 Iron Warrior
~ The remaining force engages the ragged Blood raven, they loose 1 marine but kill any opposition.

C- Turn 4
The blood ravens having only a Land raider stuck in CC cant do anything but try to tank shok, they fail

D- Turn 4
~Warriors move to engage Alpha leuitenant.
Nothing happens
~ Fexs kill the Land raider and the remainder of the Blood ravens
~ Warriors come into H2H with Lt. Being so close to the table edge and failing combat wasnt good, the Warriors fall off the table edge. Lt. passes his test for the dark blade

Player C leaves the game

F- Turn 4
~The squad that moved last turn move to the end of the bridge
~Again the Vidicator shoots at the Last Fex, and again kills the Fex
~ Bolts fly into the death comany but ping off the armour
~Again the remainder of shots is used against the Termies... 1 dies
~nothing happens

G-Turn 4
~ The lord moves into the shallows near the Iron warriors but dosnt quite get accross.
~ The Aplha marines move out of their camping spot.
~ The Lt. moves into the cover of a small ruin.
~ Chosen run to back up marines
~ The Aplha marines take some shots at the advancing Blood angel marines and kill one
~ Deamon fire from lord fails to wound any iron warriors
~ Chosen rapid fire their master crafted bolt pistols (two each model) and kill the reaminder of the first BA squad.
~Nothing happens

Here is turn 4... more later enjoy
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