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couple questions
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Kroot Shaper
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Default couple questions

i feel stupid asking these questions but that is the reason i joined this forum to get answers

1. Do you have to use the force organization charts?

2. Can walkers move then shoot a heavy weapon then assault a squad?

the reason I'm asking theses are because i do not feel like reading my rule book.

so someone answer.
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Default Re: couple questions

Originally Posted by 14th cadre
the reason I'm asking theses are because i do not feel like reading my rule book.
Probably not the best thing to be saying - it makes you look lazy and people will be less inclined to help you.

Anyway, the answers are 'yes' to both.
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Default Re: couple questions

Actually, as to the force organisation chart- not neccessarily. Space Wolves, for example, can have more HQ choices in large armies than the standard chart allows. Other armies allow discrepancies as well, IIRC.

And of course, if you are playing a friendly, you and your opponent could decide to use, I don't know, 10 troops choices and nothing else, if you wanted something a bit different....

And as for the second question- can walkers even assault? ....wait....of course they can....

I just can't find it in the rulebook anywhere- it says they act as infantry in an assault, but nothing about actually assaulting.....

Anyway....I expect so...they don't count as heavy weapons on vehicles anyway, I don't think...
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Default Re: couple questions

The rules for Walkers firing and moving are on page 63, look at the chart. If they can move, they can also charge. This last part is implies, but not actulally stated. Another bit that GW needed to read more carefully.

Hope this clears a bit up.

Do it for KJ

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